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​The Top 3 Bathroom Trends to Watch for in 2016

People are always enhancing their bathrooms. We spend so much time in them we want them to offer the most comfortable and luxurious experience possible. We want our bathrooms to be spacious and employ the latest and most alluring decorative maneuvers. The bathroom should be a place of comfort and relaxation. It should be a place of cleanliness and design, and we should even enjoy our bathroom experience. That is what we see in the development and evolution of the bathroom. There are several trends emerging that the rational home owner may find appealing and think to be serious options for their Fort Lauderdale bathroom.

1 - A Darker Layout

There is something unique about the lighting in the bathroom. It is the place that people prefer to do their makeup and even take pictures of themselves. They like the way look in the bathroom. This is because the lighting is better. The bathroom optimizes their complexion. For this reason, many people are recognizing that the bathroom would be a place to implement a uniquely dark design. Where featuring dark colors in another room would be rather bleak and grim, Fort Lauderdale homeowners in 2016 are realizing that it would suit a bathroom quite well precisely because of the lighting.

2 - Two Shower Heads

Previous shower head models would feature a bulky and cumbersome shower head that had both the handset and the overhead mounted in the same place. Savvy homeowners and interior designers in 2016 are recognizing that this does not have to be so. They are installing a handset on the side of the shower. This will often the user a more luxurious and enjoyable shower experience, wielding the handset and the overhead simultaneously. It will also complement the design of the shower by ridding it of all of the bulk.

3 - Shower Seats

Some people wake up early in the morning and do not have the energy to stand in the shower for 10 minutes. Similarly, seniors are too often consigned to the bathtub because they do not have the strength to stand. Shower seats will allow the user to sit down and to enjoy the shower without depleting more energy than they need to. In a world where convenience is treasured, the shower seat aligns quite well with our needs. That is why some people are even rightly hailing the shower seat as innovative genius.

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