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Stepping Up your Toilet Game


​The Latest Toilet Technologies

Fort Lauderdale consumers have higher expectations every few years. We want everything to integrate the latest technology, or we will simply be unsatisfied. Many plumbing companies have reported that this expectation extends even to toilets. When an individual sits down to go to the bathroom, they need the latest technological advancements to complement their bathroom experience.

Engineers have not disappointed them. There are several sophisticated and very clever innovations that have overtaken the market and offered individuals the opportunity to indulge in the spirit of innovation and industry, even in their bathroom. The newest toilets on the market come equipped with state of the art technology. 

UltraTouch Antimicrobial Comfort Touch Toilet Seat

The first thing that people do in the morning is to make their way to the bathroom. However, sometimes a winter morning will create a very cold toilet seat and a very uncomfortable bathroom experience.

Developers with the UltraTouch toilet seat have recognized this problem and have combatted it with their heated toilet seats and a soft surface. It even comes with an ultra fresh anti-microbial agent, so that the most unsanitary place in the home will be less likely to spread or causes illnesses. 

A Massaging Seat

The Brondell Swash 1000 is designed to optimize comfort as well. The user who sits down will enjoy a massage from the oscillating feature. Since engineers integrated the latest in toilet technology, they sought not only for comfort but also for efficiency and function.

This means that it comes equipped to wash the user after use, so that they will not have to apply any any toilet paper. It has adjustable nozzles and even an air dryer so that you will get up from the toilet seat feeling refreshed without having to indulge in any revolting activities.

INAX Integrated Toilet

What about entertainment? Many men will bring stacks of magazines in the bathroom so that they can occupy their mind. Some will even install expensive radios in their bathroom.

But the INAX toilet actually plays music. Like the Brondell, it will also wash the user after use and it will even close the lid automatically after you get up. Husbands will no longer have to worry that their wife might complain, and wives will no longer have to worry that their husband forgot to put the toilet seat down.

This helpful toilet will do it for you.

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