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​Plumbers Recommended Technique of How to Unclog a Sink

Sinks can become clogged for a variety of reasons. Garbage disposal back-ups, overuse of the washing machine and items falling down drains all can result in water not flowing through properly in the kitchen. When clogs occur, try one of these proven techniques to remove the clog and allow water to flow smoothly again.

Use a Natural Unclogging Solution

Most grocery and hardware stores have Category 1 solutions that are available for purchase to dissolve minor clogs. These products work by using powerful chemicals. The products are not recommended for use in garbage disposals, however. A natural solution can be used instead that will help unclog the sink without the worries of chemicals.

To make the natural solution, mix 1/2 cup of baking soda and 1/2 cup of white vinegar in a large bowl or bucket. Stir and pour the mixture down the clogged sink as soon as it begins to fizz. Placing a wet cloth on the drain opening will keep the solution from fizzing out and working hard to dissolve the clog. Let the mixture sit for 10 minutes before rinsing with hot water. If the store-bought or homemade unclogging solutions don't work, the clog will need additional help to clear.

Plunge the Sink

Carefully fill up both sides of the sink with water until the water is one-inch high. Apply petroleum jelly to the rim of the plunger; using petroleum jelly allows for a tighter seal than just using the plunger alone. Using forceful movements, insert the plunger into the water, form a tight seal on the drain opening and plunge vigorously 15 to 25 times. Repeat the entire process two to three times for optimal results. Using a plunger forces the water to push the clog away and is effective on minor clogs. If a chemical unclogging solution has been previously used on the drain, this method is not recommended as it can cause splashes and chemical burns to occur.

Professional Snake or Hydro-Jetting

For major clogs, the drain may need to be taken apart in order to remove the clog manually or investigate the reason for the problem. Drain snakes that are available for purchase in hardware stores may not reach far enough to get the clog. In this case, a Fort Lauderdale professional should be contacted in order to use a larger snake or the hydro-jetting method in order to clear the drain.

For clogs that extend to the sewer line, clogs that won't clear or for additional help, contact a plumber in order to have a professional fix the sink and get the drain clean once more.

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