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The Importance of Memorial Day


The Importance of Memorial Day

Through hot and cold; without water heaters or water filters, our forefathers fought for life and country. This was the life of the honorable soldiers that fought in the Civil War, and any subsequent wars throughout American history.

Because of their sacrifices - and the sacrifices of so many other Americans - we are able to enjoy the comforts, freedoms, and opportunities that we do today. While many celebrate Memorial Day as an opportunity to grill and spend time with family, it’s also a sober moment to remember those who have fallen before us, and for us.

As a result, Memorial Day is an important day to celebrate in order to remember and honor the sacrifices of the members of the United States Armed Forces, and we at C&D Plumbing Inc. are proud to educate our customers on the history of the holiday, and why it’s important to us as Americans.

Decoration Day to Memorial Day

Decoration-dayIn 1865, women in the South began decorating the graves of fallen soldiers with flowers and wreaths. This practice grew in popularity throughout the South and the North, and in 1868 General John Logan established an official Decoration Day celebration.

The day grew from the decoration of graves to include the celebrations that we now enjoy: military services, parades, community events, barbecues, parties with family and friends, neighborhood gatherings and fireworks. As the celebrations changed, the name gradually changed from Decoration Day to Memorial Day.

While the day has gone through many changes and evolutions over the years, the true purpose of the day has remained the same: a day to honor those that died serving our country.

Remembering the Sacrifices of Our Armed Forces

Armed-forcesIn 1967, Memorial Day became an official federal holiday, and in 1971, Memorial Day officially became the last Monday in May.

While it originally honored the sacrifices of Civil War soldiers, the day has grown to honor all members of the United States Armed Forces killed in the line of duty.

Today, we enjoy a flourishing democracy and a life of many freedoms. While it’s easy to take these for granted, this life is only possible because of the service of so many American men and women.

Memorial Day is an important reminder of this, and a good opportunity to remember and honor the service of members of our Armed Forces.

Thank You, Loyal Clients

Thank-you-clientsIn a season of reflection and gratitude, we are thankful for the chance to do the work that we do and to work with so many wonderful clients.

It is because of the trust of our loyal customers that we’re able to stay busy and to be a thriving part of our community and country. At C & D Plumbing Inc. we are immensely thankful for this opportunity and for you, our loyal clients!

This Memorial Day join us in remembering and honoring those that have helped make our country great. And, however you celebrate this Memorial Day, please don’t forget the service and sacrifice that has gotten us where we are today.