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Is Your Fort Lauderdale Home Safe From Slab Leaks?

Davie, FL Slab Leak

Understanding Slab Leaks

A slab leak occurs below the concrete slab of a building. These leaks more often than not go undetected because in most occasions the leak cannot be traced to a specific pipe or area in the room. It is, however, important that once a Fort Lauderdale homeowner suspects a slab leak to seek the services of a professional for assessment and immediate repair.

Signs of a slab leak

All home owners are advised to keep a record of their water bills. This is for monitoring purposes since a sudden increase in the water bill which seems unjustifiable highly points out to a slab leak.

Secondly, a sudden decrease in the water pressure raises a red flag with regards to a slab leak. This is because the leakage of the said water would cause a considerable decrease in the pressure of the water available for use in the house.

In addition, it is important for home owners to keep a keen eye on any water that comes from their houses foundation. It is, therefore, important for all home owners to thoroughly inspect their homes and all surrounding area in a bid to avoid losses accrued from the slab leakage.

Preventing a slab leak

Slab leaks are in most instances preventable save for those that are caused by nature. It is, therefore, advisable for all home owners to take the following measures into consideration while building and maintaining their homes;

Maintenance of appropriate water pressure;

In as much as high pressured water seems to be the best in a house; it is important for home owners to access the ability of their pipes to handle high pressure. In most instances, this should be done in consultation with an expert. The pressure of the water should then be regulated to conform to the type and ability of the pipes used.

PH Levels;

This is a measure of acidity or alkalinity of water. It is important for all home owners to hire professional expertise in determining this. High PH levels on both extremes that is acidity and alkalinity can be a major cause of slab leaks. Upon determination of the PH levels, measures should be put in place to avoid any slab leaks.

Plumbing Maintenance;

It is important for all home owners to maintain regular plumbing checks on their Fort Lauderdale property. This should be done using a regular professional plumber. This will help the plumber make an informed decision in the instance a slab leak is suspected. Having regular checks would also alleviate the loss occasioned by a slab leak because the plumber would access and diagnose a slab leak before it even starts.

It is of paramount importance for all home owners to ensure that they follow these steps and avoid the pain and agony caused by a slab leak. These leaks can be very problematic and expensive to repair in the event that they do occur.

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