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3 Ways to Prevent a Plumbing Disaster

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Three Ways To Prevent Burst Pipes

It is getting into the season where burst pipes can happen. As temperatures dip below freezing, the water in pipes can freeze, expand, and cause them to burst. Bursting pipes can cause extensive damage to Fort Lauderdale, FL homes. Water can begin spewing out of the pipes, and this can cause indoor flooding. This can cause damage to walls that can promote the growth of mold and attract pests.

What To Do If You Are Leaving Your Home for the Holidays

If you are going to be leaving your home for a time, make sure that you also shut off all water lines. If you do not shut off the water supplies, the water within the pipes can freeze. Also, do not completely shut off the heat. You want to make sure the temperature in the house remains above freezing. Fifty five degrees is a good temperature to leave the heat at.

Outdoor Water Sources:

It is very important to drain swimming pools during winter. The water in the pool and the pipes leading to the pool will freeze. These pipes can burst and cause damage. This rings true of any pipes that run outside. Hose pipes also should be shut off during the winter, as they can freeze and burst.

Unheated Or Under-Heated Areas Of The House:

Covering pipes that are near areas that do not have immediate access to heat, such as basements or areas that could be drafty is also a good idea. The temperatures could dip below freezing, and the pipes could burst. The insulated coverings help to keep the temperature of the pipe itself from dipping below freezing. It may be a good idea to have heating pipes or vents extended into areas of your Fort Lauderdale home that are left unheated. Having certain areas of the house devoid of a heat source could be setting up a situation where pipes could freeze and burst.

The Conditions In Which Pipes Can Freeze:

Furthermore, it is still important to be alert to the possibility of bursting pipes if temperatures are below freezing for a relatively brief window of time. In some areas of the country, it does not typically remain below 32 for the winter as a whole. However, during the times that temperatures are below 32, pipes could be at risk of bursting. Luckily, if you are alert to these three suggestions, it will be much less likely that your pipes will freeze.

Avoid a costly pipe burst with these key tips! Call C&D Plumbing Inc. at (954) 758-8169 for repairs in your Fort Lauderdale, FL home.