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Get Your Fort Lauderdale, FL Water Heater Working at its Best

Davie, FL Annual Plumbing Maintenance Services

Why is Annual Maintenance on Your Water Heater Important?

It’s never fun to wake up to an icy shower to start the day. This is why it’s important to perform annual maintenance on your water heater. If you don’t, you’ll find a very inconvenient and pricey problem on your hands.

Your Fort Lauderdale Water Quality: The Curse of Hard Water

What happens inside the water heater is dependent on your water quality. Whether you have hard or soft water, minerals and dirt will collect and cause issues. The water heater may progressively work harder and harder to heat up the water in the tank until eventually it just gives up and you have no hot water.

The other issue that can be very dangerous is erosion by rust or mineral build up. This is a common issue in South Florida, since most homes experience mineral-heavy hard water. This will not just effect your water temperature, but will inevitably kill the water heater. These issues are avoidable simply by draining the tank on a yearly basis.

Draining The Tank

Draining the tank is simple and although you can do it yourself, it is recommended to ask your energy company to do so. Most energy companies can perform the task in no time and with full knowledge, safety gear, and expertise, they can personalize your maintenance schedule by gauging how much water you use and how much sediment has settled. They might suggest a twice-a-year cleaning if you are a larger household.

What Type of Water Heater do You Own?

Another factor that determines cleaning and additional services is the type of water heater. If you have a gas water heater, you have to get the burner and ports cleaned as well. Electric heaters just typically need a drain and flush. However, always keep the manual that comes with the water heater upon purchasing in case there are non-standard features on the heater. Between their expertise and the manual, your technician will be able to take the correct approach to getting your system cleaned.

Be sure to pay close attention to the date of your last cleaning and stay on top of servicing the heater in your home. This will ensure that you will always have that refreshing hot shower when you need it and you will save yourself from buying a new heater when it could’ve been prevented.

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