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Make Your Bathroom Beautiful

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10 Simple Ways to Beautify Your Bathroom

It's The Most Important Room in Your House...

Mornings, guests, and relieving stress have one very important thing in common, the bathroom. It's the one place in your home that starts your day, will be seen by visitors, and can take all of the trials and tribulations of the day right down the drain.

An Upgrade Doesn't Have to Cost A Fortune

Finding options to beautify the look of your bathroom can be in the one obvious place, which most people will overlook; a professional plumbing service. Most people will find that whether you are on a strict budget or would like to make an upgrade investment, there are a few simple ways to beautify your bathroom. Here are 10 of the easiest:

The Steps

Schedule a mold consultation. The best place to start is with the cleanliness of your bathroom. Starting here can beautify the bathroom by identifying and correcting mold problems.

Reconsider the tub. A long hot bath is great for rejuvenation and healthcare. Even the feel of soaking in the tub can be made better designer tub, professionally installed to ensure all pipes and joints fit properly.

Breakout the shower. The stand-alone shower can be an experience like being in a waterfall. If your bathroom has the space, consider a full modern remodel with a separate shower.

Upgrade the Shower head. A new shower head can bring a fresh look to any bathroom. Varieties include water savers, massage, rain shower, or dual design.

Replace the sink. Bathroom sinks have become some of the most attractive features in modern bathrooms and this upgrade can start in the very economical price range.

Exchange the faucets. Faucets replacements are generally an affordable upgrade that plumbers can do in minimal time.

Add a vanity. Adding or upgrading the vanity can add a whole new look to the bathroom.

Davie Bathroom Remodeling

Change the toilet. New toilets can be installed to maximize your sense of style and comfort, or to stretch your dollars with water efficient options.

Install a bidet. A great spa-like attraction is the addition of a bidet unit to current your toilet. If space allows, adding a bidet will give the bathroom a touch of class.

Bring in Your Favorites. Keep it simple. If you have a favorite color, consider using towels in 3 shades with a contrast color to complete the look. You can also add soaps from a discount retailer to add to the décor and double as an air freshener.

Your Fort Lauderdale home deserves a beautiful bathroom. Call C & D Plumbing Inc. at (954) 758-8169 for a remodel you can be proud of!