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Top 10 Plumbing Fixture Brands 

There are a plethora of plumbing supplies and fixture brands in the current market. What are the best brands in the business? Of course, each local hardware stores will recommend their favorites, but what are the favorites for plumbers in the industry?

Long lasting, reliable, American products with good craftsmanship are the typical request for everyday consumers although cheap products are prevalent and frustrating.

We recommend brands like Delta, Grohe, Danze, Banner, GE, Maytag, for their reliability and availability. These brands are widely trusted, larger, and well known.

Our Top 10

The speculated top ten plumbing fixture companies would most likely be:

American Standard,

Bradford White,

Brass Craft,



General Electric,


Grohe, and


Tried and True

Granted there are additional brands that deserve recognition, but weren't included due to numeric limitations. The "top ten" brands typically have decades or more of experiences in the field of bathroom fixtures (some of these brands were founded in the early 1940's), are distributed and used in mass quantities, have high craftsmanship qualities, are innovators, have good product reviews, and/or have products that are made in the United States.

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Brands weren't considered for their price range rather their products. Each brand has their own specialization in plumbing fixtures, for example Delta sells the most faucets, and "better" products than their competitors.

Take Caution

A consumer should be careful about reading and reviewing online reviews for products. These reviews can and often do vary and contain inconsistencies, but overall the "top ten" can be considered trusted brands. There will always be exceptions for good products and brands such as malfunctions, faulty products, user error, and other errors.

If you're in need of plumbing fixtures in your Fort Lauderdale home, these are the recommended best! Call C&D Plumbing Inc. at (954) 758-8169 for installment.