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How to Keep The Pipes Working Like New!

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How to Extend the Life of Your Plumbing System

Plumbing repairs can get very expensive, especially when such problems arise unexpectedly. Though some plumbing issues cannot be prevented, there are some problems that can be avoided. Using the following three tips can help a homeowner to preserve the life of his or her plumbing system.

Dispose of Grease and Oil Properly

Grease and oil have been known to cause plumbing issues inside of one’s home. This is because some homeowners believe that one can dispose of hot oil or grease simply by pouring it down a drain while running hot water.

This is a myth that can cause damage to one’s plumbing system. When oil or grease is poured down the drain these substances will eventually solidify. This can ultimately cause one’s plumbing pipe system to become clogged and not able to function properly. When this occurs a certified plumber will need to be hired in order to relieve the pipe from such a clog so that further damage does not occur.

Liquid Pipe Cleaner

When a homeowner has a clogged drained the first thing that he or she reaches for or goes out to buy is liquid drain cleaners. These chemicals solutions are advertised as being almost magical. According to commercials these cleaners are able to eliminate almost any clog. Unfortunately, liquid drain cleaners rarely work the way that is advertised on the television.

What manufacturers don’t want people to know is that some clogs are actually caused by plumbing issues that require a plumber. Also, the manufactures of these chemical solutions do not want a homeowner to know that using such products can cause damage to a home’s plumbing pipe system.

These products contain sulfuric acid that can damage and eat away at one’s plumbing pipes. When a home’s plumbing pipe has been eaten away by sulfuric acid leaks, cracks, and breaks can occur resulting in the need of expensive repairs.

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Routine Maintenance

Hiring a plumber for routine maintenance is one of the best ways to help extend the life of one’s plumbing system. Routine maintenance allows a plumber to check for any current issues or situations that may develop into a problem in the future.

If there is a clog developing then a plumber will be able to diagnose the issue and resolve it before the problem has a chance to get worse and cause further damage to one’s plumbing pipes.

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