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Your Guide to Dealing With Water Stains

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Why Are There Water Stains on Your Tub and Tile?

No matter how hard or often you clean the bathroom tiles and tub, those ugly brown stains continue to form. This is a battle that you simply can not win unless you understand the cause and how to limit them from forming in the first place.

Your local water treatment facility is working day and night to provide the best quality water for you and your family, but mineral deposits are working in your plumbing to make those stains throughout the house.

Is There a Cause of These Bathroom Stains?

Minerals that are present in the water usually are not an issue, except for the fact if they go unchecked in your water heater then can discolor the water and cause stains.

The dozens of gallons of water sitting in your hot water tank are exposed to these mineral deposits long-term. As the minerals grow in the tank of the water heater, water that comes in contact will take on a rust like appearance. Then when the water touches your bathroom tub and tiles it leaves behind a rusty residue that leads to the staining.

Can I Do Anything to Prevent Stains from Occurring?

The best way to reduce the appearance of the stains is to fight the problem at the source. If you are not familiar with the procedure for draining the hot water heater, call your local plumbing repair company and a specialist will come to your home and easily remove all that dirty water from the tank.

By flushing out the tank, all the accumulated deposits causing the water to discolor will be washed to the curb. Now your water will be cleaner and less likely to cause water stains.

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How Can You Remove Ugly Stains?

If you have taken care of the water heater, now you need to get those ugly stains off the tub and tiles. Vinegar is a cheap cleaning product that is effective at breaking up the stain and leaving the area looking clean again. Be sure that you only use a clean cloth or a sponge that does not contain an abrasive pad.

No matter how difficult it is to remove the stains, scrubbing with anything abrasive in the bathroom will lead to permanent scratch marks. Use some serious elbow grease and vinegar, the walls and tub will look like new in just a short amount of your time.

Hard water stains in your Fort LauderdaleĀ home can easily be fixed with a water softening system. Call C & D Plumbing Inc. atĀ (954) 758-8169 for help!