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Key Trends in Bathroom Remodeling


Top 5 Bathroom Remodeling Trends of 2015

When it comes to remodeling your home, but you can't really afford to remodel the whole house, there are a few key areas which when remodeled can make your home seem brand new plus add a good amount of value to the home without spending a fortune. One of these rooms is the bathroom. There are five top remodeling tips for your bathroom for 2015 that can give your home a whole new look.

Separate your tub and your shower

First, if you don't have a tub, then adding one should be of top priority. However, if you have a shower and bathtub combo, then separating the two should be your first step. Even if this makes your shower a little smaller, separating the shower and bathtub give the bathroom a bigger feel and look to it.

Add double faucets to your shower

There is nothing more romantic and fun when it comes to a bathroom then a shower that has dual shower heads. In many ways this makes sense not just for romantic reasons but for practical reasons also. The couple that has to be at work at the same time or who is getting ready for an event at the same time, can actually save time with this feature. From a plumbing prospective dual shower heads is not a difficult remodel, but from a viewers perspective the remodel will give the bathroom a high grade.

Add massage jets to your bathtub

Think jacuzzi any time of the year, rain or shine, whenever you want and that is what you get with a jacuzzi tub. Adding jets to your tub will be a gift that you will enjoy and others will see as a must have for years to come.

Davie Bathroom Remodeling

Dual sinks

If you only have one sink in your bathroom, then a definite remodel is to expand those sinks to double sinks. Again this a practical move and one that from a plumbing perspective is very simple to do. Really your greatest cost is going to be the cost of the sink. The plumbing will be the easy part. Your bathroom will look better, you will have more space, and there will not be any more fighting over who needs to brush their teeth first.


Finally, tile is out and marble is in. Surprisingly this may be the most expensive part of your remodel but it is worth it. Marble cleans easily and lasts for years. Marble also adds a sense of class to any room and you will definitely get your investment back from the installation of the marble.

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