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Start Saving Water ASAP

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Low Flow Fixtures Get the Job Done

Low flow plumbing fixtures have a bad reputation. This is understandable. When low flow was first put on the market, it had not made the adaptions it has today. The fixtures tried to save water but did not factor in the effectiveness customers relied upon from the more wasteful counterparts.

Design and technology has caught up to allow low flow products to have both steady water pressure and conservation of water. From low flow shower heads, to faucets, and to the toilets these fixtures can save customers money each year.

Shower Heads

Shower heads of the standard variety use 3.5 gallons per minute. Low flow heads use about 2 gallons per minute. This doesn’t seem like that much; but if bathers take ten-minute showers every day for a year they would save 5,475 gallons of water a year.

There are two types of low flow shower heads that provide these savings. They are aerating and non-aerating heads. The aerating head mixes water with air to maintain the same pressure as standard heads. Non-aerating heads use water pulses to give the same sensation.


The kitchen and bathroom sink fixtures count for about sixteen percent of water used in a typical home. By installing low flow aerators for these sinks, the customer can save forty percent of the water that is just washing down the drain; and, the money that is flowing out of their wallets. Faucet aerators are the screw-on tip of the faucet and they cost only a dollar to five dollars to replace. In a few months, they would save that much on the water bill.


The original low flow toilets in America did not go over to well. Low flow only conserved water; the designs did not take into account having to move solid waste with less water. The new models have been designed to take care of that problem. Two main ways this was fixed was by redesigning and by adding horsepower. The most popular toilets in America’s toilet sales have the design change where the drain is bigger and so is the trap way. The other model needs to be plugged in so that it can use air pressure to help waste along.

Low Flow products have come a long way; from ineffective water pressure and waste removal to effectiveness. Now, they can conserve water and money while getting the job done.

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