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The Health of Your Water Affects the Health of Your Family!

Davie Backflow Testing Services

Backflow Testing Could Save Your Family Member's Lives

Water that your family using to take showers, drink, or cook with, is treated to ensure it is contaminant free before it enters your home. There are several instances however where that water can become contaminated after it leaves the water treatment facility, putting you and your family at a significant risk.

Dangerous contaminants and poisons that can enter your homes drinking water supply could be deadly if not identified. Consider a few of the reasons why backflow testing could save your family member's lives.

Fertilizing Your Lawn

One of the ways the water supply in your home can become contaminated is simply by fertilizing your lawn each season. As these toxic chemicals and poisons seep into the soil, they could access the irrigation system and eventually the water supply.

Under the right conditions, that poisonous liquid could interact with clean water, back up and come in contact with treated water, putting everyone in the home at risk. Backflow testing could identify and eliminate this threat.

Water Leak in Home

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In the event that your home experiences a water leak of any kind, the water pressure can drop below safe levels. When this occurs, the loss of pressure can cause contaminants to enter the water supply before pressure is restored. Once the particles enter the water, your family is then exposed to it either in the shower, bath tub, or drinking water.

Your local plumbing company can not only perform a backflow test, they can install a backflow device that will trigger when pressure drops and remove instead of allowing in any additional water.

Water Treatment Drop in Pressure

One of the biggest reasons backflow testing is so important is that you can not possibly monitor water pressures all the time. This is especially problematic if the drop in pressure occurs away from your home at the water treatment facility.

A significant drop in pressure allows contaminated waters to rush into the system, eventually making it into your home. Your family is being exposed to all these toxic particles without ever knowing it. The backflow test will not only save your family member's lives, it will give you piece of mind knowing your water supply is safe for consumption.

Call your local plumbing repair company today and schedule a backflow test. If there is concern, the plumbing company will recommend the installation of the backflow device to protect your water supply.

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