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Take Care of Your Plumbing This Summer

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5 Cost Effective Summer Plumbing Tips

It is not only easier to inspect and diagnose plumbing issues in the summer, it can help to eliminate dangerous plumbing emergencies from occurring in the freezing cold weather where damage can be significant. Consider these 5 summer plumbing tips to help save you money and reduce wear on the entire plumbing system.

1. Checking Garbage Disposal

The garbage disposal gets significant usage throughout the year, but during the summer months you may see an increase in the foods you are placing in the unit.

This is the season with more backyard barbecues, more family gatherings, and more fruits and vegetables from the garden making their way to dinner and then the disposal. Having the unit inspected and cleaned by a professional will ensure it continues to run effectively through the year.

2. Check Plumbing Pipes

From under the sinks to running along the basement ceilings, now is the best time to inspect all the pipes for cracks or leaks. One small leak can easily be repaired before it turns into a serious plumbing emergency. For pipes under the home or in the ground, a plumber can make use of inline cameras to locate the source of trouble.

3. Flush the Irrigation System

The water sprinkler system is going to be getting serious use this summer. First have the system flushed of all debris, then pressure checked to make certain no waters leaking below ground from a damaged or ruptured water pipe.

4. Reduce Water Heater Temperature

Now that the warmer temperatures are finally here, you will not need piping hot water in the shower or sinks any longer. Reducing the temperature of the water heater will help to extend the life of your unit and also keep down your utility bill this summer. Less heated water for showers and cleaning can add up significantly over the course of a three month summer.

5. Preventative Maintenance

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The summer is the perfect time to call in a local plumbing professional and schedule a preventative maintenance plan. The plumber will check all your pipes, appliances, and then make certain there are no issues that will need attention in the near future.

By identifying a small issue early enough, a potential plumbing emergency can be averted. One simple visit from your local plumber can save you hundreds or thousands in costly plumbing emergency repairs.

Avoid the hassle of an untimely repair, call C & D Plumbing Inc. at (954) 758-8169 for an inspection in the Fort Lauderdale area!