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Prevent Plumbing Problems

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The Top 5 Plumbing Myths

Taking care of plumbing issues in your Fort Lauderdale home may not seem like a top priority. In fact, as long as things are working smoothly it is easy to ignore plumbing issues. When it comes to maintaining your plumbing there are several myths that are good to know.

The first myth involves using lemons to clean your garbage disposal. The acid in the citrus fruits, such as lemons, does nothing to clean your disposal. The opposite is actually true.

The acid can cause corrosion of the metal parts of your disposal. The most natural way to clean your disposal is to fill your sing with cool water. Dump in several handfuls of ice cubes, then run your garbage disposal. This will flush out any buildup and clean the disposal at the same time.

The second myth involves cleaning your toilet. The drop-in tablets that are sold in stores do nothing to keep your toilet clean. They may turn your water blue or smell fresh but it does nothing to clean or disinfect your stool. The best way to clean your toilet is to use a toilet soap and a brush to clean it.

The third myth is that if water can flush down the drain you should have no concerns about clogs. Unfortunately, there are items that can stick inside the pipes. These items will eventually collect and cause a clogging problem over time. Things that can cause issues include: kitchen grease, bath oils, hair, rice and pasta.

The fourth myth is cleaning faucets and plumbing fixtures with hand soap. The ingredients in hand soap can peel the coating on plumbing fixtures. This is usually not covered by manufactures warranties either. Make sure you are using the proper cleaning products to safely clean your Fort Lauderdale plumbing fixtures.

The fifth myth is that you do not need to do any type of maintenance for your plumbing. Your plumbing may look sturdy, but as with anything, if you do not careful it will break down. Pipes, valves and fixtures can corrode and break if not cared for properly. Be sure mineral deposits do not cause irreplaceable damage. Cleaning periodically with distilled vinegar can prevent corrosion from happening.

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