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Fully Functioning Toilet

Money in a toilet

​Challenges of Maintaining a Toilet

Taking Care of the 'Head'

The most heavily visited area in a home is the bathroom. Every Fort Lauderdale FL house has one. It is here that intimate and personal concerns are handled. In the center of this heavily trafficked area is the toilet. The toilet sits quietly in its place of prominence, and like most things of value little attention is paid it until it does not function properly. Then all eyes are on that porcelain throne.

Toilets are easy to maintain. They are self-sufficient and dependable. Frequent use, however, can lead to repair needs. Like most plumbing fixtures, the toilet's repair needs can usually be handled by the homeowner. It's when the problems are left unattended that a plumber is needed.

Three maintenance challenges for toilets are simple and can easily be corrected.

Offensive Odors

Because of the nature of its business, the toilet is subject to bad smells. Plumbers can learn a lot about a customer from the smell of his bathroom. This is the simplest maintenance challenge of a toilet and the easiest to address.

All that's required is a little elbow grease and a good household cleanser. A clean Fort Lauderdale toilet puts a lid on offensive odors and prevents the spread of germs. Be proactive with the toilet; keep it clean.

Clogged Pipes Within Your Plumbing System

One thing a plumber will tell a customer when called to unclog a toilet is "everything labeled disposable or flushable" is not. Items that clog a toilet include cute cuddly toys, hair and grease, feminine sanitary pads, and large hard feces. The clogs created by these items if left untreated will prevent the toilet from flushing and could lead to damaging overflow.

To unclog a blocked toilet, a plumber or the homeowner can use a plunger or a toilet auger to break up minor clogs. There are even some very common household products that can be used to break up toilet clogs. One of these is Coca-Cola. The phosphoric acid in this little-known remedy is very effective as an unclogging agent.

Leaks in Your Toilet

Toilet leaks can be caused by a number of things. Leaks are a serious maintenance issue because if left untreated, leaks can cause serious damage to a home. Undetected or ignored leaks can lead to rotten foundations and larger than usual water bills.

A lack of maintenance causes most toilet problems. To ensure that a much used fixture works properly check it often.

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