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​5 Inventive Ways to Remodel Your Bathroom for the New Year

When it comes to exciting ways to start the new year, many people start a home remodeling project. As 2016 gets closer, more people than ever are looking to renovate their bathrooms into spa-like rooms or other areas where rest or relaxation are the name of the game.

As a result of this trend, a number of new and innovative ideas are being used when Fort Lauderdale bathrooms are given a makeover. To find out just what can be done with bathrooms today, here are some of the most inventive ways people everywhere are remodeling their bathrooms.

People Who Live in Glass Showers

These days, people who live in glass showers are having plenty of fun in their bathroom. Frameless glass showers are the current fad for many, with the showers being placed in large bathrooms and displaying plenty of custom-designed shelves to hold soap and shampoo.

For those who want to sit back and relax while getting clean, soaker tubs are also gaining in popularity. Available in numerous shapes, sizes, and colors, these tubs are most often placed in open areas near large windows to allow for great viewing of sunsets.

Have a Seat in Your Recliner

If you always find yourself wishing you had your favorite chair in the bathroom, you can now get your wish. One of the hottest trends in remodeling is placing recliners, chaise loungers, and armoires in bathrooms to add a level of convenience and comfort.

To go along with this trend, many companies are now manufacturing vintage fixtures from furniture such as this to be used as towel racks or storage areas. This is becoming very popular with decorators, since they are always looking for ways to get the most out of everything.

Heated Floors and Walls

If you've got feet that feel like ice cubes every time you step out of the shower, there may be an answer for your problem. Many Fort Lauderdale plumbers today are spending their time installing electric heating units underneath bathroom floors, enabling the floors to stay toasty warm all the time.

In addition to the warm floors, many people are now having these heating units installed in walls and sinks for added warmth. As for the ultimate in bathroom warmth, some people are going as far as having heated toilets installed in their homes. The toilets, complete with heated seats and bowls, are quickly becoming a must-have for many people.

Start the new year in your Fort Lauderdale, FL home with a new bathroom! Call C&D Plumbing Inc. at (954) 758-8169 today, so we can get started on your new bathroom!