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Are Hidden Leaks Turning Your Walls Into a Soggy, Moldy Mess?

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5 Signs Your Fort Lauderdale Home Has a Hidden Leak

Leaks in your home are no laughing matter. A leak in your plumbing system can lead to serious damage in the form of a flood, mold, and electrical fires, and need to be taken care of immediately.

This article will provide you with five signs that you have a hidden leak in your home that needs to be addressed.

Poorly Operating Plumbing System

A lack of water pressure is a sign that you may have a leak in your Fort Lauderdale home that needs to be addressed.

While other factors may also lead to decreased water pressure in your home, be cognizant of any decreases in water pressure which may be a sign that a leak is present in your plumbing system.

Rising Humidity and Mold Smell

Over time a leak will lead to an increase in the humidity level in your home. Be cognizant of this and consider having the humidity levels in your home tested to see if this is a sign that a leak is present in your home.

A third sign that a hidden leak may be present in your home is the smell of mold. Mold needs wet and dark spots to multiply so where there is mold there is often a hidden leak that needs to be addressed.

Damage to Your Fort Lauderdale Home

A fourth sign that a leak is present in your home is water stains on your walls or ceilings which can indicate that water has leaked out of your pipes. Look for discolored stains or spots and bulges in drywall as a sign that a leak is present.

Finally, look around your hot water boiler and pipes to see if any unusual condensation or leaks are present around these spots which are the most common places where leaks occur. These leaks may be minuscule or hard to see but can build up over time into something more significant.

The Key to Fixing Your Leak

If you suspect a leak is in your home you should contact a plumber to locate it. Of course once you find a leak only part of your problem is over. The leak will need to be addressed as soon as possible and you may need to have a portion of your home restored.

Contact a plumber to have the leak located and fixed so that you can move forward with other repairs if necessary before the problem further spirals out of control.

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