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Avoid a Clogged Toilet!

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Reasons Behind a Clogged Toilet

 Most people take bathroom toilets for granted. At least we do until it doesn't work. Then it becomes a crisis. Clogged toilets are actually a common problem. There are many reasons why a toilet gets clogged. Following are the top 10 reasons why this happens.

  1. Human waste can cause clogs. This is especially true if you eat a high fiber diet. Large stool can be difficult to flush down.
  2. Toilet paper can cause clogs. This is especially true if you use an excessive amount of toilet paper.
  3. Young children may flush toys down the toilet. They may be fascinated by watching items swirl down and disappear. It is crucial for parents to explain what they can flush down the toilet and what not to.
  4. Facial tissues can cause clogs. They are made of different substances than toilet paper. Some Kleenex does not dissolve in water. This type is more prone to clog your toilet.
  5. Sanitary napkins and tampons will cause clogs in the toilet. It is important to teach young teenagers to throw these items in the garbage, and never flush them down the toilet.
  6. Paper towels can cause clogs in the toilet. They are made of absorbent material that can ball up if flushed down the toilet.
  7. Flushing hair down the toilet can cause it to clog. Hair does not dissolve in water, and can cause blockages.
  8. Baby wipes can cause clogged drains. Wipes are not made to flush down the toilet. They are made of strong paper material, and are meant to throw into the garbage.
  9. If you have small pets, such as hamsters and gerbils, do not flush them down the toilet. It may seem like a good way to dispose of a dead pet, but it can cause problems. Burying them is a better way to take care of this issue.
  10. Cell phones and pagers will clog the toilet if they accidentally get flushed down. If you wear these items on your waist band, take them off before you use the toilet so they don't fall in.

There are many things that can cause your toilet to clog. Use common sense, and educate your children about what to throw down the toilet and what not to. Be careful, and hopefully you can prevent calling a plumber for a clogged toilet.

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