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Having to Deal With a Slab Leak?

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Handling Slab Leaks in Your Home

Slab leaks can leave homeowners in dire straits when trying to figure out what to do. Will floors and walls need to be removed and replaced? Is the water that is caught under the concrete slab going to spread and make even more damage?

Before taking a wrecking ball to your home, read this information and take the appropriate steps with a company that understands what to do.

What Causes Slab Leaks?

Slab leaks occur when water pipes, located beneath concrete slabs, begin to leak or even burst. Most of these occur with copper piping that was once popular. Detecting a problem with pipes is difficult since they are out of sight. Corrosion within the pipes can build up, causing pressure to mount and eventually eat away at the copper. Poor installation of pipes, electrolysis, or incompatible soil setting are other factors that can create a haven for slab leaks.

How Do I Know If I Have a Slab Leak?

If higher than normal water bills, the sound of water running, or stains on flooring and walls occur, these could be signs of slab leaks. You may not notice any of these symptoms immediately, but soggy carpet is a good giveaway. Pay close attention to what your house is saying in order to find a leak quickly. It could save you thousands of dollars in repair. To put off the problem in hopes that it is nothing, only expands the amount of repair and the bill.

How Long Does a Repair Take?
Specialized companies can usually repair a slab leak in a couple of days. The first day is dedicated to locating the exact spot that needs repaired. This is done by using state of the art acoustical equipment and line tracking devices. The second day is spent isolating the area in need of repair and using an epoxy coating method. Floors are rarely removed in order for this process to take place. In fact, a couple of small openings are commonly made to do all of the work.

By paying close attention to danger signs of slab leaks, time and money can be saved. A slab leak detection and repair service can also provide you with pointers to use in the future for determining any weakening areas cause by pressure build-up, corrosion, and old pipes. You will find that it pays to stay on top of potential water troubles.

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