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Bathroom Remodeling Issues You Need To Know

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The Perils in Bathroom Remodeling

Creating a home that reflects your personality often involves the remodeling of certain rooms in the home. One of the most popular rooms to be remodeled is the bathroom. Often, bathroom remodeling comes with unforeseen issues when dealing with some structures.

Common Issues

The issues that may come up when remodeling a bathroom normally involve such things as underlying mold and rot, bad piping, improper installation of old pipes to current code, relocating pipes, or running new water and drain lines.

Old Piping

When remodeling a bathroom, owners often come across old piping that is no longer up to code or constructed from materials that are considered safe for water usage. This piping needs to be replaced with safe modern materials.

Out of Date Materials

Many of the building materials from the past are no longer allowed in plumbing usage. Many of these old piping systems have developed rust and rot, and require the replacement of the piping.

Meeting Code Regulations

The rules and codes for the proper installation of bathroom piping has changed. When these codes are not met, it will require the adjustment of the existing problem to assure that all codes are met.

Relocating Pipes

It is often necessary to move water lines to accommodate for the design of the renovation. This is a relatively simple project when the remodel is in the reconstruction stage.

New Piping

When installing a new water system, it is necessary to tie into the existing water lines and running new piping to the desired location. This is also easily done during the construction of the design.

Local Codes The codes that have to be followed by plumbers when installing new plumbing in a bathroom remodel are drawn out by each individual areas codes. It is best to check with a qualified plumber to be sure that all codes are followed as necessary.

Replacing Showers or Tubs

The time to replace a shower or tub is if the body of the tub has become stained, cracked, or chipping. These conditions are signs of age and usage which could potentially cause some safety issues.

A bathroom remodel is a great idea for homeowners looking to enhance their current living conditions, raise their resale value, or to complete a home remodel. Hiring a qualified and competent plumber to take care of the plumbing issues will keep your water issues at a minimum.

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