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Green Plumbing Tips In Honor of St. Patrick's Day!

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Celebrate St. Paddy’s Day With These 3 Easy Ways To “Go Green”

Saint Patrick’s Day came and went, but it’s still time to get into the festive spirit with all things green! Some folks like to eat green eggs and ham for breakfast, some like to celebrate with some green beer, and others simply like to wear lively green clothes or deck out their home or office with Irish charms.

But there’s another way to go green. It may not have much to do with what the holiday represents, but it’s still a great opportunity for homeowners to make a few eco-friendly home changes. So keep reading to learn three simple ways to help make the world greener - and keep the utility bills down!

Upgrade To Eco-Friendly Fixtures and Appliances


Homeowners can start their journey to a greener home by reducing their overall water and energy consumption. One powerful way to do this is to replace old, outdated appliances and plumbing fixtures with newer, more efficient models.

For example, high-efficiency laundry machines and dishwashers are designed to use less water and electricity per load. Likewise, upgrading to a tankless or high-efficiency water heater can significantly reduce the energy used to heat the home’s water - one of the biggest sources of energy consumption in any home.

Homeowners can also update the home’s basic plumbing fixtures, such as faucets, showerheads, and toilets. Plumbing fixtures that bear the EPA’s “WaterSense” seal of approval use a lower flow rate/flush rate without sacrificing performance. Switching to these water-saving fixtures can save homeowners thousands of gallons yearly!

Practice Water-Saving Habits

With or without upgrading fixtures, homeowners can make a dent in their water usage (and, in turn, their water bills) by conserving water wherever they can. Most people already turn off the faucet when brushing their teeth, but they can save even more water by turning off taps when soaping up their hands or scrubbing dishes. Likewise, turning off the shower to lather up and turning it back on again to rinse off can save several gallons of water in every shower.

Other ways to help conserve water include:

  • Watering the yard deeply, less frequently, and only in the early morning to limit evaporation
  • Rinsing veggies in a basin instead of under running water
  • Thawing frozen meat overnight in the fridge instead of the sink
  • Fixing any plumbing leaks as soon as they arise

These little habits can add up to massive savings and help contribute to a healthier planet!

Be Careful What Gets Flushed

toilet flush

Energy and water conservation aren’t the only ways to help the environment - homeowners can also do their part to reduce pollution in oceans and other bodies of water. This starts with being mindful of what goes down the drains - especially the toilets.

Some items that seem flushable can pollute the ocean, rivers, and even the local groundwater. Things like feminine hygiene products, baby wipes, tissues, paper towels, floss, cigarette butts, and other garbage can go to the ocean, interfering with the underwater ecosystem and contributing to the masses of trash that pollute the world’s oceans.

As a rule of thumb, the only things that should ever be flushed down the toilet are toilet paper and (of course) number 1 or 2. Any other materials can harm the environment, cause problems for wastewater treatment facilities, and cause clogs in the home’s plumbing system. So keeping garbage out of the toilets helps protect the environment and helps homeowners save money on plumbing repairs!

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