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Red Flags for the Water Heater

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Deciding When to Break Up With the Water Heater

While Valentine's Day is observed as a day for love, for many, it is a day to take stock of their most important relationships. Maybe some doubts have crept in, and everyone notices the red flags that it's time to move on. For homeowners, that can certainly be the case with home appliances. But how can homeowners determine the best time to kick equipment to the curb?

The water heater is one of the home's most important appliances, and homeowners never want that relationship to be hot and cold. Here are some red flags that the relationship with the water heater may end. By noticing these signs, homeowners can stay protected from a love gone cold.

Signs of Corrosion

water heater corrosion

Corrosion is a natural process that takes place over time. Oxidation occurs when water is present around the iron and copper that make up a water heater, and rust or scale forms. What better way to recognize that a relationship is outdated than one showing signs of age?

Water heaters are protected against corrosion when they are installed according to the code. Since corrosion is a common problem, they contain special devices to protect themselves, but these devices wear out over time. Without proper maintenance, corrosion will start much sooner and compromise the integrity of the water tank. If signs of corrosion are present on the water heater and nearby piping, a fresh start may be in order.

Too Little Hot Water

Just like a loving relationship, the relationship with the water heater should never go cold. Water heaters are generally very reliable, providing plentiful hot water for years. However, over time the water heater will lose efficiency. Water heaters are rated based on how fast they can recover when hot water is used, and the loss of efficiency means they will run out of volume faster, leaving people stuck in freezing showers. If a water heater cannot keep up, it may be time to start shopping for another unit.

Climbing Energy Bills

A loss of efficiency in a water heater is normal over the years. While annual water heater maintenance can stave off this process for a while, eventually, the loss will be noticeable. Noticing the decline in the volume of hot water while in the shower is certainly shocking, but another way that homeowners may notice the loss of efficiency is in the bill.

Most often, the loss of efficiency in the water heater is slow. Water heaters generally lose about 1% efficiency per year after installation, and that's with good maintenance. After about 10 years, most water heaters struggle to keep up and cost 10% more every month. Since the water heater is a large percentage of monthly bills, upgrading it to save on bills makes sense. Selecting a more efficient model is a great way to double the savings.

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