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A Homeowner's Quick Guide to Slab Leaks

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Quick Information on Slab Leaks

Nothing is quite so frustrating as a leak that cannot be easily found. Any neglected leaks can lead to bigger problems, so if a homeowner suspects a leak, they should have it investigated immediately. Slab leaks are kind of damaging and problematic, so they get an article all to themselves.

What’s a Slab and Why Would It Leak?

When someone discusses the “slab” in homebuilding terms, they talk about the home's foundation, the poured concrete that supports the house structure. This is the first thing passersby would see when a new house is being built. Initially, it looks like a simple geometric shape with pipes sticking out of it. Once the walls and roof are added, the slab disappears under flooring and other interior structures. A slab leak happens when one of those pipes underneath the foundation of the house breaks or cracks. Slab leaks cause a unique set of problems for the household and the plumbing professional attempting to decide the best solutions.

The Consequences Associated With Slab Leaks

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Though no leak should be ignored, it is sometimes easier to ignore a slab leak since it is difficult to trace. Some signs can lead a homeowner to conclude that they have a slab leak or, at the very least, need a plumbing inspection. Some of the problems that are commonly found with slab leaks are listed below.

  • Higher water bill than normal
  • Uneven floors
  • Mold and mildew
  • Low water pressure in the house
  • Foundation cracks
  • Walls becoming cracked

High water bills or a high water bill with no visible leak often indicate a slab leak. Both this and low pressure can indicate a particularly large leak that should be quickly dealt with.

Slab Leak Detection and Repair

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If a homeowner is concerned about a slab leak, reputable local plumbers have the solutions. Slab leak repair can be complicated, but professionals have the tools and equipment to handle it. Some methods used in slab leak detection and repair are described below.

  • Drain or Sewer Cameras: These small cameras on the end of a flexible tube are similar to the ones medical professionals use in internal examinations. They can be put into pipes and maneuvered so the plumbing technician can find the exact source of the problem and may even be able to use it to find a noninvasive solution to the slab leak.
  • Ultrasound Equipment: This is similar to the medical tool but cannot be used the same way. This equipment can be used to find leaks using sound waves.
  • Precision Slab Cutting: This repair method breaks the slab to get to the leak for repair. While this makes a mess in the house, it may be the fastest solution.
  • Going Under the Slab: Another repair method is to dig beside and under the house to reach the leak in question. This method is more expensive and takes longer, but it may be necessary depending on the home.

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