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Why Hydro-Jetting Works


The Benefits of Hydro-jetting

Hydro-jetting is sometimes referred to as high-pressure drain cleaning. This method uses high-pressurized water to clear particles and debris from the plumbing system. For tough buildup and grease, hydro-jetting is a stronger option than using a snake.

Qualified professionals use hydro-jetting for sewer lines because it is extremely effective at removing grime from hard-to-reach areas. A main sewer line clog that causes a sewer line backup can damage the pipes.

Luckily, all joints in the piping can be cleared with pressurized water, even when pipes are underground. Since the water is forceful enough to unclog blockages, additional chemicals are unnecessary.

Tree Roots in the Sewer Line

tree roots

Tree roots commonly create blockages within the pipe. This is because sewer lines provide substantial nutrients for “traveling roots.” 

Root intrusion often occurs with sycamores, maples, aspens, and willow trees. These tree roots are known to cause substantial cracks in the sewer line. The entire plumbing system may be jeopardized if pipes leak or burst. 

Gurgling toilets and foul smells coming from outside may be an indication of root intrusion. Trained technicians can tell if pipes are damaged without digging into the yard by using a tiny camera. If roots are found inside the pipes, a hydro-jet will blast them away. 

Does Grease Require Hydro-jetting?


Kitchen drains can experience a variety of clogs. In addition to meat and bones, grease will eventually damage the pipes.

Homeowners who do not regularly clean their pipes are likely to face a grease buildup that’s hard to reach and tough to clear. Snaking the drain is ineffective because the substance is not a simple mass. In this case, hydro-jetting is recommended for kitchen drains because of the type of debris stuck in the pipes.

Grease buildup can take years to affect the drain, and it can be difficult to tell when it’s necessary to use pressurized water. Sinks that drain slowly or not at all are the first signs of a grease clog. If snaking doesn’t fix the problem, a plumber will use hydro-jetting to clear the lines.

What Causes Buildup?

Buildup can be caused by the property's cooking, waste, and organic substances. The most common clogs are usually caused by unflushable material.

Sanitary napkins and hand tissues are too thick to be flushed down a regular toilet. Even high-flow systems are not designed for heavy paper products. Blockages in the toilet that cannot come out with a plunger may need an alternate solution if there are other sewer line problems.

This primarily occurs when clogs bypass the toilet drain and end up lodged deeper in the sewer system. For many homeowners, this is misleading because the toilet may flush after use, but the clog is still there. Even if a clog is not visible, it can still be removed with Pressurized water.

Unlike commercial drain cleaners, hydrojetting does not rely on harsh chemicals to remove debris. It is an eco-friendly option designed to keep pipes clear and strong for maximum use.

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