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3 Professional Drain Cleaning Methods


How Plumbers Fix Clogged Drains

Clearing clogged drains can be tricky, but luckily, professional plumbers have specialized tools that can help. In this blog post, plumbers discuss the various ways that professional plumbers go about fixing a clogged drain.

Homeowners can typically unclog a toilet using a household plunger, but some clogs are tougher to clear. Clogged drains could result from an undiagnosed plumbing problem like a septic tank backup or tree roots growing into underground pipes.

Liquid drain cleaners contain dangerous chemicals that could be a hazard to homeowners. Instead of reaching for the liquid drain cleaner, homeowners should call up a trusted local plumber to get to the root of the problem and provide solutions. Here are three ways that professional plumbers can fix a clogged drain.

Snaking a Drain

drain snake

A drain snake is a professional tool that plumbers use to safely and quickly fix a clogged drain. This is usually the first tool that one will use to try to resolve a clog. When the source of the clog is an object caught in the drain, snaking is a quick and effective solution.

Drain snakes are long pieces of metal or plastic inserted into the drain to dislodge or pull out the source of the clog. Drain snakes come in various sizes and can be used to fix various types of clogs. Smaller drain snakes are operated by hand, but large and heavy-duty drain snakes are operated mechanically.

Hydro-Jetting Services

video inspection equipment

Hydro-jetting services is a professional plumbing service reserved for the most hard-to-clean drains. Hydro-jetting involves shooting pressurized water through the drain or pipes to dislodge and flush out the source of the clog. The high pressure of the water is strong enough to remove even the toughest clogs.

Tree roots can grow into underground pipes through small cracks they can find in search of water. Tree roots can cause hard-to-resolve clogs in the plumbing. A drain snake or plunger cannot fix the clog if tree roots are the problem. Hydro-jetting blasts away tree roots and other blockages, leaving pipes clean so drains can empty efficiently.

Using Video Inspection Equipment

Video inspection equipment is one of the ways that professional plumbers locate the source of a clog. Plumbing clogs can be hard to resolve when the source of the clog is not obvious. When drain snaking, plungers, and other methods fail, plumbers typically move on to using video inspection equipment to find the source of the clog.

The video camera is inserted into the pipes so the plunger can visually inspect what is happening. This is how tree root infiltration is typically diagnosed. Video inspection equipment allows professional plumbers to quickly find the source of the clog so that time is not wasted and one can apply a solution as soon as possible. Clogged drains should never be left in disrepair because the problem could worsen.

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