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Give Thanks to Plumbers This Holiday Season

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Avoiding Thanksgiving Plumbing Emergencies

Thanksgiving plumbing emergencies are a nightmare for anyone who likes to host, cook, or use the shower. Although plumbing services are available throughout the year, preparing before the cold winter months is crucial. A professional plumber can fix broken water heaters, frozen septic tanks, and chilly showers from ruining a fun celebration.

Give Thanks for Water and Sewer Lines

water sewer lines

Modern plumbing is usually taken for granted unless something happens. When water and sewer lines run as they should, tap water is clean and sewage is maintained. However, If a component breaks, homeowners become very aware of their plumbing fiasco as it is usually an unmistakable issue.

The water supply line exists both indoors and outdoors. The pipes run from the showers to the sinks to the kitchen dishwasher. This allows each appliance to have clean running water.

Water becomes contaminated if the water supply system breaks. Limescale, minerals, and bacteria build up without proper care and may affect the water pressure. This causes old pipes to crack and break. Underground piping is a job for licensed technicians with specific equipment and training.

A working sewer system is something to be grateful for. If a sewer line runs correctly, it will prevent problems such as backflow and dirty water problems. Clogged sewer lines cause a foul odor that can be detected from the yard and sometimes the street. Although public sewer lines connect to private piping, a homeowner is responsible for maintaining their sewer line.

Holiday Safety: Gas Line Repairs

Gas leak repair must be done by a qualified professional. Since the naked eye cannot see gas, it is difficult to tell if the newly repaired system is working unless a technician has examined it. 

Detecting a gas line leak is not always easy. Most people suspect a leak when they smell a sulfur-like odor inside the home. Other ways to tell include physical symptoms like dizziness or nausea. If a household suspects a gas leak, they should immediately leave the premises and call a plumber. 

Gas leaks are dangerous. Carbon monoxide is known to cause chest pain, pale skin, and nosebleeds. More serious symptoms include memory loss, shortness of breath, and loss of consciousness. 

One can fix most gas leaks within a few hours. Since the gas line is often found in difficult-to-reach places, non-professionals take much longer to complete the job. A licensed plumber can also recommend which gas detector to choose for the home.

Water Heater Repair Services Save Money

water heater services

Plumbers can save homeowners money by inspecting and repairing broken water heaters. A water heater that isn’t working to its full potential must use maximum energy for a basic job. Once energy use is reduced, bills can immediately decrease.

A water heater is used for more than just hot showers. They help with standard cooking practices and hygiene. Hand washing is especially important during the cold months when viruses are more likely to occur.

Depending on the water heater, plumbing repair can take anywhere from fifteen minutes to several hours. If one cannot fix the water heater, a replacement typically takes three hours before it’s up and running.

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