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The Top Three Methods to Prevent Clogged Sinks

clogged drain

Never Suffer From a Clogged Drain Again

Plumbers stay busy all year long, helping homeowners deal with plumbing problems. Their problems can range from simply inconvenient to downright disastrous. But, the one thing that keeps plumbers busy the most is drain clogging.

Drain clogs are one of plumbing customers' most common problems and complaints. Most of the time, clogged drains aren't a serious threat, but when they are bad, they are a major inconvenience, interrupting the flow of water and life.

Here is a comprehensive guide to cleaning drains and keeping them clean. By following this professional advice, homeowners can stop clogged drains in their homes and prevent them from coming back.

Call for Professional Drain Cleaning and Maintenance

The easiest and most thorough way of dealing with clogged drains is by calling the professionals. Since plumbers spend so much time dealing with clogged drains, they have all the tools and experience to fix them faster than a DIYer. Drain cleaning is not difficult, but it requires some specialized tools and proficiencies, both of which plumbers are prepared for.

The best way to employ the expertise of a drain cleaning plumber is to schedule routine drain cleaning. Plumbers are great in a pinch when drains are fully clogged, but when homeowners schedule routine drain cleaning in their sinks and sewer lines, plumbers unleash the full potential of their home's drainage system.

When homeowners invest in their drains by scheduling professional drain maintenance, they can expect:

  • Fewer or no drain-related problems
  • Cheaper plumbing bills
  • More reliable drains
  • Disappearance of foul odors

Use Mesh Drain Screens in Kitchen Sinks and Bathroom Sinks

drain mesh screen

Calling a plumber to unclog a drain is a quick and easy way to deal with drain clogs. However, all of the drain cleaning and maintenance in the world won't be enough without some good drain hygiene, that is paying attention to what goes down the drain.

The most common causes of clogged drains are food debris in the kitchen and hair in the bathroom. Neither should ever end up in a drain due to their propensity to clump together and form nasty clogs. Luckily, some devices are likely already present in the home to prevent debris from getting into drains.

Homeowners can eliminate most clogs by using the strainer basket in the kitchen sink and installing hair catchers in tubs and bathroom sinks. Get in the habit of using these devices and emptying them after every use, and clogged drains will disappear.

Keep Cooking Grease and Food Waste Out of the Plumbing

food waste

As mentioned above, one should keep food debris out of the plumbing. But, the best way to do this is to put food scraps with the cooking grease where they belong: in the trash. Follow these tips to keep kitchen drains clean:

  • Wait for cooking grease and oil to cool, then discard into a used container like a can
  • Scrape dishes into the trash, so less debris is caught by the mesh drain screen when dishes are washed
  • Peel vegetables into the trash
  • Discard coffee grounds in the trash
  • If available, run the garbage disposal as the sink drains and flush with plenty of hot water and dish soapĀ 

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