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Avoiding Fall Home Disasters is as Easy as a Phone Call

Davie Fall Home Maintenance

Keep Your Holidays Cheerful This Fall By Avoiding These Household Disasters

Fall is well known to be a festive yet busy time of year. With celebrations, holiday and school shopping, the last thing anyone wants to deal with is a plumbing disaster.

Though fall can be a little hectic, taking time out to avoid some common home disasters will keep you in good holiday spirits this fall. Here are three common fall disasters that can be prevented with just a little foresight and preparation.

Prepare Pipes for Cold Weather.

Cold and freezing temperatures can sneak up on us when we least expect them. It only takes one night of freezing temperatures to ruin a day of festivities due to a broken or frozen pipe.

Not only is this type of plumbing damage costly, it is also a time consuming repair that can easily be avoided.

By insulating pipes that are at risk of freezing with pipe sleeves, you can avoid the high cost of repairing frozen or broken pipes. Another method is to keep your home heated even when it is unoccupied.

Also, Leave cupboards under sinks open to allow warm air to circulate around pipes.

Watch What you Put Down the Drain.

A lot of cooking goes on during the fall. A clogged kitchen sink can ruin a holiday feast or football cookout. Simply being careful of what you put down the kitchen sink can save you the heartache and trouble of a clogged drain.

Avoid pouring cooking oils down kitchen sinks, especially in colder weather since oil thickens the colder it gets. You can also protect your drains by using your garbage disposal correctly.

A garbage disposal is not a landfill, it was not made to handle objects like plastic, bones or other hard materials. By avoiding these types of objects, you can keep your garbage disposal running correctly and keep your drains free of heavy debris.

Flush Only What Belongs in the Toilet.

A clogged toilet can ruin everyone's day, especially after a big day of eating and celebrating. Sometimes avoiding a clogged toilet can be difficult. However, most of the time a toilet becomes badly clogged due to items being flushed with that have no business in the toilet in the first place. A simple rule is to flush only toilet paper and body waste.

Following these simple steps can help avoid a lot of unnecessary spending and stress and keep you and your wallet in spirits this fall.

Remember to keep up with a regular maintenance schedule. Call C&D Plumbing Inc. atĀ (954) 758-8169 to get your Fort LauderdaleĀ home inspected.