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Garbage Disposal Care Tips

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3 Tips to Have a Better Functioning Garbage Disposal this Fall Season

A garbage disposal is an excellent way to eliminate the smells of old garbage from your kitchen and garbage cans. A well functioning garbage disposal shreds food waste so that it can easily pass through plumbing. If your garbage disposal is not functioning properly, it's important that you get professional help as soon as possible. Here are 3 tips to ensure a better functioning garbage disposal this fall Season.

1. Keep Hard Objects Out of The Disposal

Hard objects can cause the shredder to become dull and less efficient. Small hard objects often get stuck in the rotating parts and cause them to jam. The instruction manual of your disposal will specify the types of objects to avoid.

If something appears to be harder than what your garbage disposal handles, put it in the trash can. Some items to avoid are: hard bones, unpopped popcorn kernels, and hard shells from crabs, shrimp and other shellfish. Strong vegetable fibers should be avoided as they can jam your garbage disposal, as well.

2. Run Cold Water With The Disposal

Keep disposer and cold water running for several minutes after the waste material has cleared the drain. Cold water keeps the bearings, motor and shredder from overheating. This also allows the waste matter to get flushed down easier. Hot water can melt fat and then allow it to form a blockage in the drain.

3. Clean The Disposal On A Regular Basis

With the disposal turned off, clean the inside of the rubber part. Throw some ice in there once in a while. Ice will eliminate any debris that has accumulated on the sharp edges. For better results, consider making special ice cubes from vinegar or pure lemon juice, or alternate with biodegradable cleansing solution. Be sure to run cold water while the disposal is in use.

Before you toss those lemon peels (or lime, or grapefruit, or orange) into the garbage disposal, place a few pieces of peel in the disposal, and run some cold water down the drain with the disposal turned on. The rough peels are used to clean the blades, while the citrus oils are great at naturally freshening things up.

Time to get your Fort Lauderdale home garbage disposal ready for the holiday season. Call C&D Plumbing Inc. at (954) 758-8169 today.