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Keep Your Garbage Disposal Alive this Thanksgiving


​How To Prevent A Garbage Disposal Disaster On Thanksgiving

Your garbage disposal is a handy kitchen tool. However, if something goes wrong with the garbage disposal of your Fort Lauderdale home, then it can potentially ruin your Thanksgiving. There are several ways that a garbage disposal disaster can be prevented. Below is a list of tips that will help keep your garbage disposal running smoothly:

Watch What You Put Down The Garbage Disposal

While your garbage disposal can make getting rid of waste convenient, there are some things that should not be poured down the garbage disposal. This includes things such as corn husks, artichokes, celery, rice, pasta and large pieces of meat. Grease is something else that should not be poured down the garbage disposal. The grease can expand, which can clog up your disposal.

Run Cold Water While Using The Garbage Disposal

In order to ensure that you keep the food moving down the pipes, you should run water while using the garbage disposal. Avoid putting too much waste inside of the garbage disposal at once. This can cause your garbage disposal to get clogged. Most garbage disposals are designed to handle less than one pound of waste at one time. Furthermore, you should run the garbage disposal for at least 30 seconds after you stop using it.

Keep Your Garbage Disposal Clean

One of the best things you can do to keep the garbage disposal of your Fort Lauderdale home functioning properly is to keep it clean. Chemical cleaners should not be used in a garbage disposal. They not only damage your garbage disposal, but they can also damage your entire plumbing system. Chemical cleaners can cause pipe erosion. They are also bad for the environment.

Cleaning your garbage disposal is not a difficult or time-consuming. Put some ice cubes down the garbage disposal. This will help get rid of any debris that is accumulating inside of the disposal. If you have a foul odor inside of the garbage disposal, then you can get rid of it by using vinegar. You can also cut some citrus peels into small pieces and put them in the garbage disposal.

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