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Find out why your water is a different color!

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​Why Is Your Water Discolored?

High Volume

Discoloration in the home’s water should only be a temporary issue. The water delivered into the home is always clear, but when high volumes of water are used in the area like when filling a pool or when a fire hydrant was used extensively, the color of the water can change due to sediment being agitated in interior pipes, but this issue can be rectified quite easily by consulting a licensed Fort Lauderdale plumber. They have methods to purge the system with cold water to alleviate the discoloration issues. However, even this discolored water is safe to drink.

Malfunctioning water appliances

Issues with water discoloration can also occur as a result of water heaters or other water utilizing appliances like faucets with old, rusting parts. This will be evident especially when using hot water, but may leave residue that presents itself when using the cold water also.

The only solution in this case is to have the water heater or faucets replaced by licensed plumbers. If the water heater is in an attic space, it should be replaced anyway because newer versions of hot water heaters will be wider than older versions. This means that attic doors may not be wide enough to accommodate these new models causing the owners the expense of widening attic doors or rerouting hot water heaters.

Galvanized Piping

The third problem with discoloration may present a whole new set of issues. If water discoloration occurs over a long period of time even when the occurrences are sporadic, it may mean the home has galvanized piping that is rusting from the inside.

This water is not only full of foul, non-potable particles, it is practically useless for any household chores. Other issues may accompany this problem like lower water pressure and odors. Galvanized piping cannot be repaired when this issue presents itself. The only solution is a whole home repiping job.

However, this is not as expensive as it once was because of new technologies in home re-piping. Proficient professional plumbing companies can be consulted as to the best repiping situation for the particular home, but many of these technologies are warranted for many years and prevent any issue with water discoloration practically forever.

The systems are less expensive due in part to their ease of installation when the appropriate Fort Lauderdale plumbing company is employed. For moderately sized homes, this job can be performed in a single day in many cases.

If your water is discolored in your Fort Lauderdale, FL home, call C&D Plumbing Inc. at (954) 758-8169 today, and we'll solve the problem for you!