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5 Things Things That Don't Belong in Your Toilet

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How NOT to Clog Your Toilet

The Top 5 Causes of a Dreaded Toilet Clog

Everyone has been in that dreaded predicament where their toilet has clogged. When this happens you're left thinking, what could have been done to avoid this or how did this happen? Often when this situation arises, one can utilize a plunger and continue with daily activities, but then there are times when the toilet clogs to capacity and plumbers have to be called.

So to avoid having to call a plumber and spending money on this unwarranted situation, here are a few tips that can help you be proactive. There are several things that can cause a toilet to clog. Some of the most common issues are; using too much toilet paper, placing sanitary napkins (pads or tampons) in the toilet, excessive clumps of hair, flushing toilet air fresheners, and accidentally flushing other items down the toilet.

How to Avoid the Damage

The next steps will assist you in avoiding anyone of these mistakes. If a person likes to use a lot of toilet paper to ensure that they are thoroughly clean, it is best practice to flush the waste first, then flush the toilet paper.

Feminine Hygiene products such as pads or tampons will expand in water this makes it harder for them to descend the diameter trap with ease and often causes them to get stuck. To avoid having to call a plumber to remove the product, discard sanitary napkins in the garbage.

Davie Clogged Toilet

When removing large clumps of hair from a brush or a pet, place the hair in the trash. Although it may not seem like a lot, over time it will cause the toilet to clog, and a plumber will have to be called to snake the drain and remove the excess hair.

People are human and accidents will happen so if a child inadvertently drops a toy in the toilet, and the toilet is flushed it will cause it to clog. Look in the toilet bowl before using and flushing.

Lastly air fresheners; everyone likes them they keep the toilet fresh and clean, but sometimes if not installed properly it can fall off into the toilets diameter trap. To avoid clogging your toilet with air fresheners, make sure that the air freshener is secured. These fun and useful tips will help keep your toilet clog free and help avoid costly plumbing bills.

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