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Dangers of Chemical Drain Cleaning Solutions

If you are like most homeowners, you may not give your drains and pipes a second thought until a problem develops. One of the more common issues that homeowners will run into with relation to their plumbing system is a clogged drain.

Many homeowners will initially think about trying to remove the clog on their own by using a chemical drain cleaning solution purchased at a local store, but there are several good reasons why you should avoid these products and use professional plumbing services instead.

What Are Clogs Made Out Of?

It is important that you understand why your drain is clogged in the first place before you use a chemical drain cleaning solution. Some clogs will develop when matter builds up in the pipes.

This may be a matter that includes everything from particles of food and strands of hair to soap residue, body grease or oils, and more. However, other clogs are not organic in nature. They may be made out of foreign items, such as toys, utensils, or other items, that wash down a drain.

What Are the Dangers of Chemical Drain Cleaning Products?

Chemical drain cleaning products contain harsh chemicals like sodium hydroxide and sulphuric acid. These ingredients are designed to compose organic matter in the drains over a lengthy period of time, but they are not always effective. More than that, they can damage the environment, and they can be harmful or even fatal to people. They can cause everything from eye and skin irritation to severe skin burns, blindness, damage to internal organs, or worse. These are not chemicals that you want to come into contact with or that you want your kids or pets exposed to.

What Are Alternatives to Chemical Drain Cleaners?

The good news is that chemical drain cleaners are not your only option. In fact, they are not even the best option. A plumber can travel to your home to use hydrojetting or snaking to remove the clog for you. Both of these are safe and effective, and they will provide you with guaranteed results. You do not have to expose yourself, your loved ones, or the environment to harsh, toxic chemicals.

If you have noticed signs of a clog developing in your pipes, a great idea is to schedule a plumbing service for your home. This is a proven and reliable way to remove a clog, and it will not cause damage to the environment or harm to you.

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