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10 Ways to Upgrade the Look of Your Bathroom

When you sit down and really think about it, one of the most important rooms in your home is the bathroom. After all, think about how many times you go in your bathroom every day. When you come into your bathroom, you want it to look great.

That is why it is so important to occasionally upgrade it. Here is a look at 10 smart ways to upgrade the look and feel of your bathroom.

Upgrade Your Bathtub

1. Having a tub you can luxuriate in to recharge your batteries is one of the best ways to improve your bathroom. It also will improve your mood and lower your stress. One great way to upgrade your tub is to install a Japanese-style soaking tub that will immerse you up to your neck.

2. Another great way to upgrade your tub is to install a whirlpool tub. A whirlpool tub with pulsating jets of hot water will soothe your aching muscles and instantly relax you.

3. If you share your bathroom with a loved one, one of the best ways to upgrade your bathtub is to install a two-person tub. There is nothing better than sharing a luxurious bath experience with the person you love.

Upgrade Your Shower

4. If you are not really into taking baths, you can always upgrade your shower instead. Installing a new shower with a rainfall showerhead is a great move. It is a nice upgrade from traditional showers.5. To go further, think about getting a shower installed with multiple shower heads that shoot water at you from every angle.

6. One of the hottest developments in shower technology is the advent of steam showers. Steam showers give you a thoroughly luxurious shower experience, and they use much less water than traditional showers.

Other Ideas

7. To make your bathroom an oasis, think about installing some luxurious accessories. Getting a flat screen HDTV is a great idea.8. Installing dual sinks is always a great idea for shared bathrooms. These are especially nice when two people need to get ready at the same time. No more bumping elbows when brushing your teeth.

9. Getting new countertops installed is a nice way to beautify your bathroom.

10. Getting your bathroom floor retiled is another smart way to upgrade. No matter how well you take care of your floor, it can start to look dated and worn after a while. Adding some colorful new tile is a great way to breathe new life into a tired bathroom.

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