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The Dangers Of A Frozen Pipe

Frozen Pipe

Dealing With Frozen Pipes

Why Does A Plumbing System Freeze?

In the upcoming winter months, the weather can get very cold in certain areas, and some places get below freezing. When the temperatures reach 31°F or below, you can experience freezing in your pipes. If the pipes freeze, they can cause a multitude of problems like burst pipes, that can be expensive to fix. Frozen pipes are caused because there is not enough warmth to keep the pipes from freezing.

If water is constantly in the pipes, they will freeze, and expand the pipes, which can also cause braking. Frozen pipes are easy enough to prevent, but it's a fight against the cold weather, in order to prevent the pipes from constantly freezing. If the weather gets cold, beware of frozen pipes.

How Can I Prevent This?

It's not impossible to prevent pipes from freezing, even if the weather gets to a single digit number. All pipes need to keep from freezing, is to be kept warm. You can keep a pipe warm by doing several things. If a home has insulation, that is one preventative measure to help keep pipes from freezing. If they are in the wall, then it may not be as easy to prevent them from freezing, unless you run the heat. By running the central heat, or several space heaters around the home; you can keep the home warm, and the pipes as well.

Any exposed pipes, such as ones underneath the sink, should be wrapped in insulation or electric heat tape, to keep them warm. If you have plumbing underneath a cabinet, open the cabinet doors and allow warm air in, or even use a blow dryer on the pipes under the sink periodically, to keep them warm, and prevent freezing of the pipes. By constantly keeping your home warm, even when you're gone, that's the best prevention for frozen pipes.

Why Is It Important To Keep This From Happening?

It's not only important to keep pipes from freezing, it's imperative. Frozen pipes can break, and then can lead to leaking, and this will end up causing damage in your home.

The water that leaks into your home, especially when it's freezing outside, may actually freeze, and create more damage, and a very bad situation in the home. It's easy to prevent frozen pipes from occurring, or leaking, so prevent frozen pipes, in order to prevent any possible future damage.

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