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Time to Overthrow That Kitchen Stench!

Garbage Disposal

Maintaining a Garbage Disposal

When it comes to smelly things, there are some pretty awful odors that can come from garbage and rotting items. Add to this some moisture, and you have a whole new level of foul odor. This wet and stank smell that is coming from your kitchen may be located in the piping and canister of your garbage disposal. When you locate this foul odor, it is necessary to call in a professional to take care of the stink.

What can a plumber do to help?

A plumber can check out the interior of the disposal unit to assure that there are no left over pieces of food or other material that has gotten lodged in the unit. If there are foreign substances, they will completely remove them from the disposer. They will check the unit to assure that it is working properly, and that the plumbing lines are not clogged.

They will also take advantage of this time to make sure that the blades of the unit are sharp, straight, and properly working. When the blades are damaged or not operating properly, they will not break up the materials properly and cause problems. A qualified plumber will then clear the inside of the unit and any clogged lines, flushing the system to assure that it is free flowing.

What shouldn't I put into my disposal?

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Although most disposals are made from durable metal, they can not break down just anything. There are many things that are common sense items such as regular garbage in the form of paper, plastic, or glass. These items should be placed in their proper recycling refuse containers and not into a garbage disposal. Disposals are meant for organic materials.

Even though these units are designed to chop up food and run it out your drain pipes, there are a few types of foods that should not be subjected to the disposer. This includes such things as potato skins, squash, pumpkins, celery, and egg shells.

When it comes to what should and shouldn't go into a disposal, keeping out the bad stuff will help to keep your disposal running smoothly. Being conscious of what is going into your disposal will help to keep it working like new. If a problem with stinky sinks does arise, call a professional plumber to come and clear the smell out of your kitchen and out of your nose.

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