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It's Time Mom Truly Relaxed On Mother's Day

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Easy Tips To Convert Any Bathroom Into a Relaxing Spa Retreat

It usually isn't the hardest thing to make mom feel special for Mother's Day, but this year can be one she will remember forever. There is no better gift than the gift of a bathroom remodel. Not just any remodel, either. Upgrading fixtures and aesthetics to make the bathroom a perfect spa retreat getaway is exactly what the doctor ordered. It's time mom knew exactly how much she is cared for, and a relaxing bathroom remodel is a gift that will keep on giving.

There is no better time for an upgrade! Below is more information on what homeowners can do to upgrade their bathroom into the perfect spa retreat this Mother's Day.

Showerhead Upgrades


In today's world, a showerhead is no longer just a showerhead. There are entire shower systems now that can transform any shower into a spa in and of itself. Suppose the homeowner is looking to spread their budget across a few fixture upgrades. In that case, other showerhead options are less expensive and provide their own level of comfort and relaxation.

That said, there is nothing wrong with spending more money to upgrade one fixture rather than the entire bathroom. Be sure to talk with a professional before investing in a shower system, though. A professional can tell the homeowner if the system will work well in their bathroom or not.

Here are a few popular showerhead and shower system options on the market today:

  • An air-induction showerhead
  • Aromatherapy showerheads
  • Showerheads with filtration beads in them
  • High-pressure showerheads
  • The Fontana complete shower system
  • Shower panel tower system

A Few Aesthetic Changes Never Hurt Either!

There are several different routes to take for those looking to extend their upgrades outward from the shower. The homeowner can choose to upgrade flooring, paint, and tiling in the bathroom, along with new towels, heated floors, and maybe even a towel warmer!

Many different plumbing fixture upgrades can make any bathroom feel more like a spa. Here are a few examples: 

  • A countertop bowl sink
  • Wall-mounted waterfall faucet
  • Touch sensor faucet
  • Automatic lid toilets
  • Jacuzzi bathtubs

When it comes to creating a relaxing bathroom, the possibilities are endless. Homeowners can also include:

  • A bathtub tray caddy
  • A bathtub full-body pillow
  • Wall-mount muscle massager
  • Foot massager

Any combination of the above-listed options is an excellent choice for a more relaxing bathroom getaway.

Smart Lights Will Bring It All Together!

smart lights

Smart lights give that final relaxing touch that every bathroom needs in today's world. These lights make for a relaxing afternoon, as well as late-night trips to the bathroom. These lights are touch-sensitive and even automatic. They also have dimming features which makes them energy-efficient. Homeowners can even have one installed in their toilet for ease of use in the dark. 

These lights are not only convenient but cost-effective as well! They are the perfect cherry on top of a relaxing bathroom remodel just in time for Mother's Day. 

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