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Get Ready for These Typical Spring Plumbing Issues

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April Showers Commonly Cause These Plumbing Issues

April showers signify that spring is in full swing, and they help the greenery and flowers bloom. But they can also cause problems, especially when it comes to plumbing. Even in warm climates and places that get rain most of the year, too much rain can cause underground plumbing issues. Soil saturation can cause foundation leaks and broken pipes, among other issues. So read on to find out about these common springtime plumbing problems.

Soaked and Saturated Soil

Most people don’t give much thought to where the rain goes when it comes down. It flows off the roof into the gutter and then into storm drains. But what about the rain that falls on the yard? It gets soaked up by the soil. And normally, that doesn’t cause any harm. The soil can soak up a lot of water. But it can’t soak up an infinite amount.

When soil becomes too saturated, it can start to cause problems. The soil gets heavy, putting pressure on pipes. It can also move with all that water, causing the structures it supports to shift. Enough pressure or enough shifting can lead to serious plumbing problems like slab leaks and broken pipes.

Foundation Leaks


A home’s foundation, also called the slab, necessarily sits on the soil. The foundation supports the house, and the soil supports the foundation. But, when the soil shifts, it can cause the foundation to shift, too. When this happens, the pipes running underneath the foundation can crack or break. These pipes, which are generally water and sewer pipes, can start to leak. Since they’re under the home’s foundation, they can be hard to detect.

Some common slab leak signs include a mysterious increase in the water bill and wet spots in the basement or the ground floor. It can cause the hardwood flooring to warp or the carpet to become damp if the flooring is directly over the slab. Luckily, homeowners who suspect they have a slab leak can call a professional plumber for leak detection services.

Pipes Broken Underground

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Although a slab leak is caused by broken underground pipes, underneath the home’s foundation isn’t the only place where pipes can break. Water and sewer pipes run from the municipal system to the home underground. And when the soil becomes saturated, it can put more pressure on the pipes than they can handle. Or, if the house shifts, the pipes can break where they enter the house.

Like slab leaks, the best way to detect a broken pipe is with a professional plumbing company. They generally use specialized audio equipment to locate the leak and then miniature cameras to see the severity of the break. They can then present the homeowners with options for fixing the break and stopping the leak to repair the home's irrigation system.

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