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This Spring, Don’t Let Well Pumps Baffle You


This Spring, Don’t Let Well Pumps Baffle You

Unless you are a botanist or a flower enthusiast, it’s hard to tell most flowers apart from one another. However, this time of year, the Spring showers are bringing refreshing rain down and the flowers are springing up. All of the water has to make you think of securing your own water supply via a well pump. However, just like flowers, there are a lot of options and, if you don’t know what you are looking for, it is easy to get overwhelmed.

Thankfully, this short overview will give you enough information to start making a decision about getting your household on your own well water supply by discussing the basic setup options for well or sump pumps. With a little background knowledge about your property and the assistance of a professional, you can be well on your way.

Shallow Water Jet Pump - Water Supply Less Than 25 Feet

What-isThe first and simplest option for getting a well set up on your property is a shallow water jet pump. It’s among the most simple options because it is an uncomplicated setup, featuring just one pipe from the main engine to the water supply.

Thinking of the device as a big straw, the engine sits above the ground while a pipe dips into the water supply. Using atmospheric pressure to make the process efficient, the engine sucks water up into the water supply.

This solution is only viable when the water supply is less than 25 feet from the surface but it is an efficient setup.

Deep Well Jet Pump - Water Supply Greater Than 25 Feet

Ideal-jetpumpThe efficiency of a jet pump is still an option for homeowners with a water supply greater than 25 feet below the service, but a different set up is needed. The engine is different, requiring a deep well jet pump.

The installation gets a little more complex because now the main engine remains above ground but the jet portion is actually set up underground, with the pipe system.

This keeps the jet energy closer to the water source. However, the same efficient and effective system is created once the whole unit is installed.

Deep Well Submersible Pump - Water Supply Greater Than 25 Feet

SubmeriblepumpThere is another solution for when the water supply is deeper than 25 feet below the surface and that is the deep well submersible pump. With this device, the engine is actually located underground, where the water supply is located.

This offers a couple of disadvantages, as maintenance needing to be performed requires access to the pump itself. However, these units are designed to be extremely reliable and have a very long lifespan, up to 20-25 years, making them a great option for a long-term solution.

Whereas the jet pumps function like a straw, sucking up the water, the deep well submersible pumps instead push the water up, making the process different than with jet pumps. Hopefully, these quick tips have helped demystify the options for getting your own well set up on your property.

If you have any questions or would like to learn more about what solution might be best for you, the professionals at C&D Plumbing, Inc. are happy to help. Simply call an expert at (954) 758-8169 and you’ll have your questions answered in no time.