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Simple Kitchen Tips Even The President Could Use


Simple Kitchen Tips Even The President Could Use

While most of us don't think about President's Day too much, it’s the perfect time to enjoy family celebrations and delicious home cooking. Amidst all the fun of celebrating the nations most famous leaders, and somewhere between appetizers and dessert, your plumbing may have taken on more than it bargained for.

While most homeowners don’t give it a second thought, your plumbing system may not be ready to handle all the use during a party. While plumbing repairs are common, they can easily be avoided with some helpful tips you can implement this February in your home!

Careful Fat Disposal is Key For Clog Prevention

Clog-preventaionNo matter what sort of cooking you're doing, there's likely to be some grease, fat or oil that you're left to deal with. It's easy to just toss that grime in the sink and forget about it.

That's something you just don't want to do though. As a cook, it's your duty to make sure no fat goes down your drain.

It might seem harmless to toss a liquid down the drain at first, but fats and many oils don't remain in liquid form for long. The moment it goes down the drain it will start to cool and harden, creating an impossible clog.

Then you're calling up a plumber and your holiday celebration quickly becomes more complicated than it should! Do yourself a favor and toss grease and fat into the garbage or really anywhere suitable that isn't a drain.

A Garbage Disposal Makes Food Disposal Simple For Parties

Food-disposalIt’s common for hosts to find themselves cleaning food out of the drains the next day after a party. People will put food in your sink no matter what you do unless you stand around watching it!

That's why it's often easier and more convenient to get yourself a garbage disposal. Food disposal is easier that way. Even the people that toss food into your sink won't be doing any harm any longer.

If things start to slow down you can turn on the water, flip on the disposal and all will be cleared up. In fact, a garbage disposal will solve most clogging issues for you, as long as you don't dump down grease or something like that.

Clear up Issues With a Good Drain Cleaning

Drain-cleaningIf you do develop issues with the drains in your home, one of the easiest ways to deal with them is by paying for a drain cleaning service. I know, who wants to pay for that type of service? A drain cleaning is worth the cost though.

Cleaning by a certified professional will involve serious tools like a drain snake or even a hydro jet. A drain snake will spin and coil its way down your pipes pushing and spinning any grime with it.

A hydro jet will blast its way down your drain with high powered water jets that break up grime very efficiently. A quality drain cleaning service will clear up your pipes and leave them functioning smoothly once again.

Once they're all cleaned up you can relax and enjoy your party without worrying about your kitchen sink backing up again. How's that for peace of mind? We know the President will be celebrating this February and we hope that you'll keep these tips in mind the next time that you have people over. We ask that you share these tips with others that you care about so that everyone can enjoy their time with friends and family.