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4 Tips and Tricks to Get Your Home Ready for Spring

Outdoor Plumbing

4 Tips and Tricks to Get Your Home Ready for Spring

Can you feel it? Spring is in the air here in Fort Lauderdale, FL, which is energizing. There is something about the arrival of spring that gives homeowners the extra bounce that they need to tackle those home maintenance projects that they have put off all winter long.

With warmer temperatures and longer days ahead, it’s advisable to spend some time now to tend to your outdoor plumbing, so that you can rely on it for the months to come. We’ve compiled a list of tips and tricks for you to follow.

Fix the Faucets

outside faucetAre you aware of the substantial water waste that can come from a leaky faucet? Not only is it bad for the environment, but a leaky tap will also hike your water bills, not to mention cause water damage.

Take care of your outdoor and your indoor faucets as soon as you see signs of moisture.

To test if you’ve got a leak elsewhere in your outdoor pipe, place your thumb over the opening of the spigot and turn the water on to full.

If you are able to trap the water using only your thumb, that means that you’ve got low water pressure and a leak to contend with.

Clean Those Gutters

person cleaning guttersIt’s important to have gutters cleared out all year because that’s how water drains away from your roof, but with the rainy spring, it is doubly important.

Start by doing a full circle check of your home’s exterior, trying to spot leaks or other damage.

Remove any debris from your gutters so that that water can pipe out the downspouts. If that path is blocked, the pressure can cause damage and leaks around your roof, which can lead to mold growth.

Attend to the Sprinkler System

sprinkler systemWalk around the lawn and look for any broken sprinkler heads. Trim back the grass immediately surrounding the sprinkler head and clean out dirt and rocks.

Check for signs of leaks in the irrigation water line, which includes pooling water, sunken patches, and bubbling water.

It’s a good time to ensure that the regulator has fresh batteries and that the time and date settings are right.

Hose Repair 101

water hoseHoses are made of rubber, which means that they don’t last forever. Before you unroll them for their spring and summer duty, look for cracks and breakage.

A lot of water can seep out of those cracks, which means that your lawn doesn’t get the water it needs.

We’ve got lots more plumbing tips, indoor and out, which can help prevent leaks and protect your home.