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Leaky Faucet Got You Down?

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Faucet Repair and Replacement

Faucet replacement can be a stressful job. While the actual replacement should be done by professionals, telling when it needs replaced can be tricky. Problems with your faucet are best found before total failure; otherwise you could have a large mess on your hands. The following are some ways to try and forecast problems with your faucet and get it replaced before the issues get worse.

When is it Necessary to replace my Faucet?

Faucet replacement should occur if your faucet is an older model and starts leaking. Faucets can be repaired if they’re leaking, but owning an older faucet will make it a lot harder to find replacement parts. Sometimes a leaky faucet can be fixed with just some simple tightening, but if the problem continues or escalates, it’s best to replace the faucet then before it is completely broken and needs to be shut off in order to replace.

What are Some Signs of Damage?

The obvious sign is continual leaking. If everything has been tightened down and the leaking still occurs, it’s time for replacement. You’ll also want to look below the faucet to see if there’s any leaking below. If you notice any water damage to the material underneath, that is a sure sign that it has been leaking. Replacing the faucet before the leaks get worse will save tons of mess and headache.

How Can I Avoid my Faucet Being Broken in the Future?

One of the biggest culprits when talking about a damaged faucet, or damaged pipes in general, is the elements. Pipes that freeze due to low temperatures and then are re-heated when the temperatures get warmer can cause expansion, which can lead to cracks and breaks. The same holds true for faucets. One of the ways to prevent this is by leaving the cabinet doors underneath the faucet open during colder temperatures. This will allow the warmer air in the house to hit the plumbing more directly, preventing freezing. Heat tape is another option that will keep the pipes heated regardless of the temperature. Of course the tried and true method of letting a faucet trickle water in the evening still works well to prevent the pipes from freezing up.

Faucet replacement is something we all want to avoid if possible. Keep an eye out for the signs of damage or leaking, and take measures to keep the pipes warm. Having to replace a faucet when it’s too late is something you’ll want to do everything to avoid.

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