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10 Reasons to Take Control of Your Kitchen

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Hidden Benefits Of A Garbage Disposal

A garbage disposal is one of the modern kitchen conveniences which can make life easier in a myriad of ways. There are also benefits for the environment and the community in general that are not usually realized. Here is a list of the 10 top reasons why having a garbage disposal installed will provide comfort that cannot be realized in a sink without one.

1. Faster Cleanup Process

One of the most obvious benefits of having a garbage disposal process is that it eases the cleanup process. A sink that is full of dishes and food can be cleared quicker when everything can simply be put down the drain. Grind up the remaining food rather than having to clear plates.

2. Save The Landfill

Running the food down the drain instead of placing it in the trash places less stress on the landfill. There is a reason that recycling is becoming more prominent and every little bit helps. The primary benefit is that the toxic gases released from food decomposing in a landfill will be less.

3. Keep It Quiet

The ability to run a garbage disposal in ultra quiet mode means that the kids can still watch tv and disturbing guests in another room will not be a concern.

4. Energy Production

A little know fact is that ground food placed into the water supply will actually create energy in many cases. A municipal water treatment plant can use methane gas that is created during the process to generate electrical energy or power.

5. Fertilize With Biosolids

Treated sludge that is created during the purifying process are in the form of biosolids which can be used to create fertilizer. With the use of an ideal treatment facility this fertilizer can then be sold and the savings passed on to the local tax payer.

6. Low Electrical Usage

A garbage disposal unit is one of the cheaper appliances in a house. It will usually consume what amounts to about 1% of the total cost or 50 cents.

7. Reduction Of Transportation Costs

Solid waste needs to be transported to a landfill which incurs expenses that someone has to pay for. A garbage disposal limits this cost somewhat.

8. No Garbage Incineration

Any solid waste sent to an incinerator will cost money and so each amount that can be reduced will save costs.

9. Keep It Sanitary

Less food in the trashcan means that there are more sanitary conditions in the house due to less trash bags and the like.

10. Pest-free

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Keeping food in a trashcan has the possibility of attracting pests such as roaches and ants. It is a better alternative to send it all down the drain via a garbage disposal.

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