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What Is Hydrojetting & What Are Its Benefits?


What Is Hydrojetting and It's Benefits?

Hydrojetting is a method of removing blockages and debris from sewer pipes. The process works by forcing high-pressure water down a sewer pipe. The force of water breaks up clogs and acts as a tool to remove buildup that may be causing pipes to drain slowly.

The Hydrojetting Process Explained

A special attachment is connected to a water source. The attachment prevents water from flowing backwards as the pressure in the pipe builds to around 4000 psi. The pressure is what removes the blockage. While the process sounds simple, this is not a home remedy for clogged pipes. This a powerful tool that should be used by a trained and qualified plumber because of the extreme pressure that is involved. If the procedure is not performed by someone who is an expert the risk to the sewer pipe increases.


If you consider why pipes may become clogged then the usefulness of hydrojetting becomes clear. Hydrojetting grease clogs is common practice in restaurants for the residential sewer problem it works well too. It removes grease clogs, clogs that are caused by tree roots. It will help to reduce the sludge that builds up along the walls of pipes causing drains to drain slower. However, there are some considerations too.

Before hydrojetting roots, for example, it is often best to use a snake first. The snake is used dislodge and cut larger roots so that the hydrojetting process works smoothly to remove the obstruction. Another precaution and reason this is not a DIY project is that an expert will know to check the sewer line with a special video camera to make sure that that sewer line is in good repair. With 4000 PSI, a weak or damaged pipe will likely shatter. When the pipe is already broken or weak, it should be replaced. In this situation, hydrojetting can make the problem worse.

Hydrojetting debris

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Hydrojetting is a simple and affordable way to keep the inside of pipes in good repair. It works easily enough to remove debris such as sand, gravel and other particulate from pipes. This is a process that works well for both residential and commercial pipes, and it is an affordable alternative to physically inspecting pipes. It is powerful enough to work on pipes of different sizes, even storm drains. If your pipes are draining slowly, consider using the powerful force of water to clear out the sludge and debris.

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