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The Secret to Lowering Your Water Bill

What consumes the most water in my house? 

The most common reason for high water bills is usually leakage. Toilets are a good place to start investigating for leaks. Toilets that are actively leaking can consume a lot of water, and will reflect this in your bill. The common belief is that a running toilet can be heard this is not always the case. A rubber plunger that has failed, or deteriorated can be the cause of very costly leaks. If this is the case, calling on the services of a professional plumber is incredibly important.

Food coloring placed in the back tank of the toilet will show if a leaking or failed rubber plunger is causing the leak. Put the coloring in the back tank and if after waiting a few minutes. If the colored water moves into the bowl then you have a leak in the rubber stopper in the back tank. These leaks can be extremely costly due to the amount of water that can leak over time. The water company will tell you that you are responsible for the water that moves through the meter whether you used it or it leaked.

The water bill is unusually high, what should I do?

The sewer portion of your bill functions the same way, anything that is leaking will be represented on your bill. If the toilet is not leaking the next test you can try is to turn off all water sources in your home. Once all sources of water have been turned off, check the meter, if the meter continues to move, then you have a leak elsewhere in your home, and may have to contact a professional plumber to track the leak down. Your water company may have special equipment for checking leaks so working with your water company and asking questions can be very beneficial.

All leaks are usually considered the clients responsibility. By using the food coloring in the back tank water of your toilet, you can identify what is usually consuming the most water in your home. Turning off all the water sources and checking the meter is the next step in determining leakage. Water heaters and washing machines should also be checked to determine possibility of leakage. If all these items are checked and the meter is still running, then you have to take further steps with professional plumbers, or your water company to fix the leaks and return your water bill to a manageable level.

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