Davie Slab Leak Repair Services

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Slab Leak Repair Services - C & D Plumbing Inc

A foundation leak happens when the water lines that run under the concrete foundation of a home rupture. If you think you might be experiencing a foundation leak, but aren’t sure, call us. We’ll inspect your home and find the origin of the leak then fix it for you. Our plumbing professionals are both highly skilled and knowledgeable to solve any and all Davie slab leak issues.

Suspect a water leak on your property? Don't hesitate to give us a call for a water leak detection service.

What Causes Home Foundation Leaks?

There are many causes of home foundation leaks. Below you’ll find a list of some of the most common causes that we see.

  • Shifting pipes: Pipes expand and contract when there are temperature changes. If they expand into a sharp object or rock, it can burst the pipe; this is especially true if the pipe has started to corrode.
  • Shifting ground: Homes built on slabs can shift due to seismic activity; when this happens, it can put a strain on your piping. If your home shifts enough, it can cause the pipes to burst.
  • Poor installations: Poor quality installation can also cause a leak. If your home's pipes are kinked or forced into place, the pressure will eventually get to them.
  • Age: Another common issue associated with slab leaks is age. As your pipes get older and break down, they are susceptible to leaks that can easily cause significant water damage to your home.
  • If you suspect a foundation leak in your home, give us a call for leak detection and repair.

How to Tell If You Need Slab Leak Repair Services

The best way to figure out if you have a foundation leak is to have one of our professional technicians come out to your home; they can perform accurate leak detection. With that being said, there are still some signs that you can look out for to determine whether or not there is a slab leak in your home. These symptoms include:

  • High water bill: An excessive water bill may be a sign of a slab leak. If you notice your bill shoot up one month, it might be happening because of leaky pipes in your foundation. Home foundation leaks can waste gallons of water a day, leaving you with the cost.
  • Running Water: If you hear the sound of running water when no one is using any, then it can also indicate a slab leak.
  • Heat coming from the floor: A slab leak in a hot water line may cause your floor to warm up in certain spots; if you're walking across the floor and you feel heat or moisture, then a home foundation leak may be to blame.
  • Wet spots: If you find a moist area outside that doesn't go away, it might be because your pipes are leaking. You may also notice wet spots inside of your home, which should be a clear sign to call for professional services.

Don't wait until it's too late - call for emergency plumbing services if you suspect a slab leak in your home.

Why Hire an Expert?

The last thing you want in your home, is inexperienced plumber trying to handle a delicate issue such as a foundation leak. At C&D Plumbing Inc. our plumbers are highly skilled, experienced, and qualified to service your home. We offer expert Davie slab leak detection and repair to help you avoid serious water damage.

Do you notice the sound of running water in your home? Call us at 954-256-9048 and schedule an appointment for your expert Davie slab leak services today!