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The plumbing and sewer system falls into the category of things home and business owners often take for granted until they’re no longer functioning properly. In most cases where repair services are required, the cost could be less with preventative maintenance and knowing where there are issues. At C&D Plumbing Inc. we ensure that our customers are always aware of common signs and symptoms of plumbing issues. Should these problems arise, you can trust that we can handle them.

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What Are Signs That You Have Sewer Line Issues?

It’s human nature to assume or fear the worst when a plumbing issue arises. When there is a problem, it’s hard to determine if it’s a sink drainage problem, a problem in the pipes, or something more serious. Here are five signs that the issue may be in the sewer line.

  • Sewage backing up out of the drains
  • Gurgling sound coming from the drains
  • Water backing up out of the toilet
  • Water accumulation around the drain tiles in the basement
  • Toilet making loud noises after laundry is done

Sewer line issues can be a very serious issue. As such it is important to contact us for expert Pembroke Pines sewer line repair services. Through our expert solutions you can enjoy your sewer lines in no time.

Why Do Drains Clog?

Most people who have required professional services to correct drain problems swear they’ll take better care of their pipes in the future. However, do they know what caused the drain pipe problem? Here are the top four causes of drain issues.

  • Large materials in the drain or flushed down the toilet
  • Structural damage such as collapsed or misaligned pipes
  • Tree roots growing into the sewer pipes or system
  • Excessive water from heavy rains or flooding

Regardless of how small or large a drain issue may be, C&D Plumbing Inc. is prepared to handle the situation. We even offer 24-hour Pembroke Pines emergency plumbing services. Feel free to call our certified professionals to assess the situation and restore the functionality in your plumbing before any damage is sustained.

What Are the Benefits of Repiping?

Despite how home and business owners may try to avoid repiping, there are some huge benefits to having re-piping done in the plumbing system. For one, you will be able to enjoy clearer and cleaner water for drinking, bathing, and laundry. Additionally, because there will be no blockages in your new plumbing, you can relish in better water pressure. Similarly, you will no longer have to worry about leaky pipes since everything in your system will be brand new.

Also, you should always remember about the financial benefits it can have in your home. New piping means increased value for your home, which can be especially attractive should you be selling your home. Contact our experts to find out more about our Pembroke Pines repiping solutions today.

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When to Consider Hydrojetting

Hydrojetting is the process of cleaning out pipes with the use of high-pressure water. Although it sounds complicated and expensive, there are some situations where hydrojetting is the best option.

  • Pipes need cleaning and conventional means just won’t do the job.
  • Where there is chemical buildup, material buildup, and even some roots that need removing.
  • Situations that include excessive grease buildup such as restaurants.
  • When there are old cast iron pipes that have lost their original shape due to debris buildup.

For all your Pembroke Pines plumbing needs, look to our professionals for help. We will provide you with the very best solutions that will fit not only your needs but also your budget!

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