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What Homeowners Should Know About Trenchless Pipe Repairs

trenchless pipe

Why Have Trenchless Pipe Lining Done?

Pipelining, known in some areas as cured-in-place pipelining, epoxy pipe lining, or trenchless pipe lining, can help address several common sewer line and pipe issues for homeowners in Florida. This innovative service offers a minimally invasive sewer repair process that saves time and money. With a pipelining job, a new pipe can be fashioned right inside the existing pipe without needing digging, excavating, or removing old pipes. It is a fast, easy, and affordable option for homeowners needing sewer pipe repair work. 

What Common Can Trenchless Pipe Lining Fix?

Trenchless pipe replacement lining systems address cracked, leaking, clogged, and damaged sewer lines. As a ‘no-dig’ approach to sewer line repair, this option avoids messy yard excavation, sidewalk destruction, landscape damage, and fountain damage concerns. Pipelining of this nature involves inserting new pipe into the existing pipes, expanding it so it fits snugly inside the piping, and then curing the tubing to harden it. 

This results in a new, durable, and seam-free pipe lining that perfectly fits the existing pipe. Trenchless lining installations are common for homes with many tree roots that can damage the sewer lines or for older homes that have weakened or damaged pipes due to years of wear and tear.

How Exactly Is Pipe Lining Done In Florida?

trenchless pipe

Trenchless pipe replacement is commonly done to improve on older lines and materials. Older homes might have clay piping, cast iron, concrete, plastic, or other materials that are less durable than the epoxy resin materials used with pipe lining services. The trenchless pipelining process in Florida typically involves the following steps:

  • Sewer Camera Inspection – done to determine the location and extent of the damage
  • Cleaning Existing Pipes – helps remove debris so the new piping fits correctly and snuggly
  • Measurement of Existing Pipes – gives the pros an idea of how much lining is needed
  • Tube Replacement Prep – the lining will be prepared and coated with epoxy to help it stick
  • Inserting Tubing – tubing is slid into the existing piping system and made ready for curing
  • Curing of Tubing – new lining is then cured to dry and harden into shape in 4-10 hours
  • New Pipes Ready to Use – service is then restored once the curing has finished

What Are the Key Benefits of Trenchless Pipe Lining?

trenchless pipe

Many Florida homes and businesses opt for trenchless pipe lining for several reasons, which can include:

  • No excavation of the pipes or digging up of the yard is needed
  • Underground utilities are less likely to be damaged during the work
  • Helps strengthen pipes against root damage and other incursions 
  • Avoids repaving, leveling, resodding, and other cleanup measures
  • No need for traffic diversion or evacuation of the home during work
  • The flow of pipes often improves significantly after the lining is installed
  • Money savings can be huge when there is no need for massive digging

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